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Yesterday Microsoft that impression share reporting that has been highly anticipated for years.  Impression share metrics have been available in AdWords for a long time but now available in adCenter.

  • Impression share
  • Impression share lost to budget
  • Impression share lost to rank
  • Impression share lost to relevance
  • Impression share lost to other

Keep in mind when you are looking at this, impression share report only works for the day view.  Make sure you select the “Day View” in the reporting tab.  Additionally, the impression share reporting is only available for Account, Campaign or PPC Ad Group Performance.

If you haven’t check out the CPA column under Advanced Settings (under change columns and layout) you should check it out.

Under the “Advanced Settings” you should be able to select the Impression share, Impression share lost to budget, rank, relevance, and other.  If you check these out and like it, i would love to know what you think.  Would love to get some metrics on how this is working for you and your different clients.

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