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It is difficult to make an article on how to improve a PPC campaign considering the range of campaigns out there. There are literally The Most Important Factor That Affects a PPC Campaign's Performancemillions upon millions of advertisers out there and each and every single one of them will have a different campaign with a different structure. How can anyone make an article on how to improve millions upon millions of PPC campaigns? The truth is that it is difficult to say the least. However, I think I have found one factor that every PPC campaign will share and it is the most important factor to the success of your PPC campaign’s performance.


What I realised is that an advertiser could make the most successful pay per click advertising campaign out there: have a killer advert with a well optimised landing page and keywords to bring in the best traffic. However, how useful will this all be if your advertising something people simple don’t care about? This led me to realise that the most important factor that affects a PPC campaign’s performance is what it’s advertising.



PPC Campaign Is Only As Successful As Your Business

It is extremely important to understand that a PPC campaign can only ever be as successful as your business. By this, I mean that if your business is successful in gaining sales without PPC, the chances are that with the introduction of PPC, it will still be successful. At the same time, if your business is failing and struggling to stop the decline in sales, you will most likely see the same results with the introduction of a PPC campaign.


For this reason, ask yourself how successful whatever you are trying to advertise is? It is all great optimising a PPC campaign but if it’s a campaign for something that simply won’t sell, it will all be a waste of time and money.


This point can be brought forward clearly through an example. Let’s make up two campaigns for the example:

  • Campaign 1 – This campaign consists of a extremely well thought out PPC campaign with things like a in the advert and designated landing page. However, this campaign is trying to sell, let’s say, wooden cars (I know it’s ridiculous but go along with it).
  • Campaign 2 – This campaign is trying to sell a normal hatchback car. However, the PPC campaign for this is not that good and only points the web user to the homepage of the website with the traffic not being as targeted as it could be.

From this, which campaign will make you more money? Campaign 1 or 2?

I hope I have made clear that campaign 2 will make more money for the simple reason that although the PPC campaign is terrible, at least it is trying to sell a product that consumers will want. If you can’t sell a product/service normally in real life or through your website without PPC, you cannot expect that it will get a sales boost when using PPC as a traffic boost.

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