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Social bookmarking can be defined basically as a technique for online users to manage, store and cope with their preferred sites. Generally, when you encounter a web page that has helpful information but you are not able to study it straight away, you bookmark the ppc web page in your internet browser and save the website, to make sure that you can check out the website later. Having said that, with social bookmarking, you can take note of the website to the website and take a look at it later on, or you can share it with your friends and family.

With the help social bookmarking, you can simply locate helpful sites that you like to visit frequently, and also have a look at sites that other internet users have found interesting. The majority of social bookmarking websites enables users to check other sites depending on reputation, as an upcoming event or based on different categories, etc. As a matter of fact, social bookmarking websites are becoming a popular way of getting information about any particular topic you want.

For this reason social bookmarking is really a powerful marketing and advertising tool for your site. You will get massive traffic everyday if your article gets featured in social book marking websites. It is also a well-known and powerful SEO tool, as you will get exposure and back links for your website. To begin, you just have to open an account in popular bookmarking website such as Face book, Digg, Reddit, Stubble upon etc.  As soon as your profile is created, spend a couple of hours each day leaving comments, doing status updates so, you can engage people. Make sure to link your website with all your social media profiles so that people who visit your social media profile can also visit your website.

Also keep in mind that if your provide quality information that is beneficial for the readers, people will then automatically become your friends or start following you on these social bookmarking sites and also share your links with friends and family. In this way you will get enormous free traffic. Back links from social media profiles will also improve your ranking in search engines. So, it is highly recommended to book mark all your informative post. Do not book mark every thing as Google hates spamming.

As an immediate advantage of social bookmarking, you will get high authority one way link as some of the book marking sites are even Page ranks 8. So, you are getting authority links within just few clicks. A back link from those websites particularly do-follow back link is very potent so as to acquire a higher search engine rankings. Also want to mention that higher the number of votes, your articles will get on social bookmarking sites, higher will be your importance in eyes of search engines.

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