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Yes, I am a proud organic Web strategist and no amount of hate speech against this profession can make me falter and look for another profession. Of course, I do not deny the fact that there are snake oil sellers who are making things tough for people like me who are striving to achieve thing ethically. I do not believe in the pathetic concept of building links massively; however, I am not a nerd and so I am not denying the importance of Links. What I want to convey to you and the prospective clients that there are greater things that can be achieved other than spamming the web with worthless piece of Junk links, content and all that. Believe me, we can still achieve success and that too without killing users experience. Let’s check out what we can achieve without spamming the web:

Gain trust:  Though I am an SEO professional, I do not believe in Google. It changes its position all the time to suits its needs. You cannot expect a straight answer about what they are considering as unnatural links and how they judge the merit of a website (I am not asking them to spill the beans about their algo). You will always have a vague answer (rather politically correct answer). So rather than rushing after what changes they are introducing, you should invest your SEO money on something that that pays you in the long run. I mean, you should be investing a significant amount in building trust value. It worked for me. I started off with a single client and now I have over 10 high paying clients and believe me all of them are referral.  I do not have to bid on new projects now since people are happy with the quality of my work and they are kind enough to refer me to their friends. The same thing can happen to you as well. Try to gain trust of the people you are selling your service and you would not have to care about the algo and other shitty things.

Create Awesome users Experience: By the term users’ experience, I just do not want you add great graphics in your website and doing weird stuffs with the navigation. Of course they are a part of the process but there are also hell lot of other things involved like-

Are the users getting distracted while browsing the web?
Is your website taking too long time to load?
Is your website rendering precisely in all browsers and all resolutions?
Does your website look great on mobile devices?
What about the color combination?
Do you have different versions of your website for different countries?

Just a few of them.

Fix the Obvious Onpage Things: How link building is gonna help you if your website has too many glaring Onpage SEO mistakes. Do not make your website SEO vulnerable. Rather than rushing after tons of links, you could simply do a lot good to your website by fixing SEO errors.

Check the following things:

Are you using Geo targeting features in your Google Webmaster Account?
Are you sure that the robots.txt file is not blocking any important pages of your website?
Are you sure that your website does not have any duplicate Meta data?
What about the broken links?
Do you have custom 404 pages?
Make sure all the pages are accessible to search engines.
Create an XML sitemap and get it submitted in Google Webmaster Tools

Now, I cannot extend the list to the point of being boring. So, I have just discussed few things that you should be concentrating on other than links if you are to get long term return on investment.

Michael Evan is  a passionate blogger and he is a regular contributor to that gives awesome tips on blog promotion.

Michael Evans is a passionate blogger and social media enthusiastic. You can connect with him at Google. He often contributes to 3Leaps Content Marketing Agency.

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