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Guest Posting is all the rage these days. Ask any blogger and he will tell you how his email account is getting inundated with innumerable number of guest post requests. Guest posts definitely have some SEO benefits and even if the links are no followed, they help drive traffic to the website of the author. This is the reason why so many webmasters are trying their level best to reach out to the most popular blogs in their niches to get their articles published as this will help their brand gain some visibility.

But since too many people are trying the same thing, getting your guest posts published in leading journal has become extremely difficult if not impossible. But don’t worry as here in this article, we are going to share some tips that will increase the chances of your guest posts getting approved –

Don’t Write Rehash Content

Believe me nobody likes to read the same article written in different styles. The same goes with the bloggers. They would never publish an article that look suspiciously similar to that of countless number of write-ups written by other writers. So, you need to take your time and try to come up with nice and interest topic that is not covered by any writer yet.

However, we understand that it is very hard to come up with unique topics all the time. So, if you find this impossible to achieve, you can at least try to change the perspective so that people don’t realize that they are reading the same article. Change the writing style, incorporate some nice interviews in the write-ups and there you go.

Guest Posting Is Not Just About Links

Okay we fully understand that you are doing guest posting to get some links for your website so that it fares well in some competitive terms in the search engine result page. That is fine. We all know that there is no such thing as free lunch but that does not mean that you should be abusing the platform of guest blogging by inserting too many random links pointing towards your website. You have to be sensible in your approach.

Read the Rules

Different blogs set out different guidelines. So you simply can’t send your write-up to the designated email address and hope that it will get approved by the webmaster. Nope, you have to read the guest post guidelines carefully and then frame the article accordingly. And please don’t hanker after keywords rich anchor texts as this is not beneficial for both the blogs and the website that you are trying to promote.

Write Something Useful

Just because the webmaster has asked you to write a long article, it does not mean that you would be adding fluffs in the content. Rather you need to do some serious research and read some quality journals before you start writing the article. You need to add some facts and figures in the article as this will help increase the trust value of the article. Add citation and don’t forget to include links of relevant and related sources in the article apart from the link of your website. However, if you are unable to produce such high quality materials, you should opt for professional guest posting services that will help you get links from really high quality websites.

Keep It Simple

Finally, keep the write-up clean and as simple as possible. There is no need to use Shakespearean writing style rather keep the language as layman-friendly as possible. Try to write short but pithy sentences.

So, these are some tips that you need to follow to increase the chances of your article getting approved by webmasters.

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