The Google AdWords keyword tool is very popular among internet business personnel and advertisers. It is getting a lot of good press because of the fact that it is so effective in getting well targeted traffic. You can use it too if you want to be successful in your endeavors as an internet marketer, advertiser or business owner. Using the right tools will help you to get the best quality visitor to your website but you must use the tool in the right way to find keywords that will be profitable to you. Here are a couple PPC tips that can help you to make the best of this wonderful tool that Google has offered to us.

You can check it out as you read this article. Simply open another tab in your internet browser and search for the Google AdWords keyword tool. Once you get there it is simple but to help guide you through it lets use this scenario. Type in “getting rid of baby fat” into the keyword box then hit the get ideas button.  The first item on the results page is your exact search term and then your list of related terms are listed below. The first one you see is “how to get rid of baby fat”. The column to the right of that shows you how much competition that phrase has which for this example is low. This means that if you were to use this you would have little competition with this keyword and as such it may be a great choice. The third column will show you the amount of searches performed for the month then the other column shows the searches conducted for the year.

From there you find your great keyword or keyword phrase then you need to come up with great content for an article or for your advertisement that will include these keywords. There is a box above the table that reads “choose columns to display” this will help you to find the best price keywords which is also essential as the amount of people searching for the phrase and the amount of people who will be your competition. When you click on that column you will get a number of options that include “show estimated average CPC”. This shows you how much other advertisers are paying for the same keywords and gives you an estimate of what you will need to pay per click. You want to choose high paying CPC’s as these will give the best results.

Next you can find related keywords by searching for a term that is close such as “getting rid of belly fat”. Type that into the search bar and then you will find results for those as well. Remember to click on the estimated avg CPC button to see what the costs are.

If you don’t like what you find from there you can go on playing with the words in the phrase and looking for more keyword phrases, words and combinations.

All of that is just the tip of the iceberg as there is a lot more you can learn about PPC and AdWords. For help in creating the best PPC campaigns visit;

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