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I came across an ad today I hadn’t seen before showing embedded site links within an Adwords ad.  If your a PPC manager constantly looking for ways to help your ads stand out, this is something you should pay attention to.

adwords embedded sitelinks

adwords embedded sitelinks

In June, Google announced this embedded site links feature.  From Google’s announcement:

With the embedded format of Ad Sitelinks, there are no additional lines appended to your text ad. Instead, text in your ad that exactly matches one or more of the sitelinks in your campaign will automatically be linked to that sitelink’s destination URL. With embedded sitelinks, potential customers can pick the part of your ad that applies directly to their current interests and visit the most specific page for that topic.

How are embedded site links different than traditional site links?

Traditional site links in your ads typically show below the ad.  They will show when you have met google’s requirements and typically show more when your ads are in 1st position or for branded searches (at least from our internet marketing experience).

For instructions on traditional site links, check out Google’s help files.

How to you take advantage of this?

There are a few requirements you need to satisfy:

  1. Your campaign must be enabled for Ad Sitelinks.
  2. Your ads must also appear above the search results (position 1-3), so make sure your bidding aggressively.
  3. Part of your ad text must “exactly” match one or more of your Ad Sitelinks.
Further to this, Google lists a few more requirments for site links of any kind.  They include the following:
  • Your ad should have one of the top positions above the search results.
  • Your ad should have a very high Quality Score.
  • Your Sitelinks URLs must direct users to pages that are part of your main website.

Have you tried this?  Did you see an increase in your CTR?

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