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It doesn’t matter if you are advertising on the search engines with ppc traffic, or advertising on social networks through a cpc or cpm model. You need to make sure your ad copy reads well and makes sense. Sure, this is a simple concept if you are targeting to the United States or Canada, but what if you want to advertise to a foreign country, or only specific languages?

The idea of calling up your aunt who is fluent in Spanish might be a good idea, but there must be a better way? There is! With OneHourTranslation, you can be up and running with your own foreign language ad copy in no time. It’s also great because you are charged on a per word basis, and it’s not much at all.

Here’s how to target your audience by just their “speaking language” on Facebook. While you might think all of Germany speaks “German”… think again. Play around with these settings and you will see the numbers fluctuate.

When you are in the Facebook Ads manager and building a campaign, simply go down to the advanced demographics section. In the field that says “Languages”, simply type the language you would like to select.

Through the use of OneHourTranslation.com and Facebook Ads’ excellent targeting, you can create and target your audience based on their speaking language and playing around with foreign ad copies.

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