Yes, it’s totally understandable that you do not want to start thinking about New Year while still working on your Christmas campaigns. The load can be quite a lot to bear, but this is something you need to do if you want to make the best out of this holiday season. So, let’s get started with the things you need to do so you can not only survive but also smash your New Year PPC goals.


1.    Bids and Budgets

It is quite unfortunate that there is not just a “one size fits all” approach when it has to do with bid management, although irrespective of your industry, it is important that you quickly react to moving trends so you can be a step ahead of your competitors. In a nutshell, what you need to do is pull back from areas that are poor and push the areas that are good.

With budgets, you’ll want to make sure that you aren’t limited by your budget because if you are, you’ll risk losing the expected impressions because your ad might not show anymore at some points.

2.    Understand Your Audience

So, you have now set up your sales ad, but to really use some excellent strategy to establish RLSAs (remarketing lists) based on the people who have visited your website but likely have not been able to purchase from you yet. You’ve also got the chance to create audiences based on the people who have been on your website in the last seven days and don’t have interactions; these are people who have browsed and might still be searching for that perfect deal to use your Christmas money to purchase.

Take a step further with a similar set of people and create a retargeting ad for those who visited your website between the 26th of December and the 2nd of January and have viewed the cart page but have not checked out. It would be best if you have an actual positive bid adjustment on those users as they still likely want to get such products, so re-engage them using RLSAs.

3.    Sales in January

If you are running some sales in January with the aim of shifting stock or maybe bringing in some new clients who just want to spend some more money in January, use updated ad copy and promo extensions that relate to the sales you’re doing currently. Here’s a tip, use messages such as “End Soon” and “Hurry” in your ad copy, as this’ll create urgency and entice your prospects.

4.    Use the Google Display Network

While you’re doing the remarketing, you can even decide to try engaging with users who have visited your website or even viewed some particular products by making use of dynamic remarketing. You should remember to be creative with your targets, set up some ad groups, launch your ads on the GDN (Google Display Network) and tempt the users who are not your customers yet.

5.    Reevaluate Your Campaign in The Previous Years

Lastly, it is worth checking the things that happened in the previous January; you are searching for shifts and trends out of the normal, particular peak days that you spent more than your normal budget; search for the keywords that made your ads get impressions most. This will prepare you for whatever you’re set to experience this new year, and you can not be overly flustered by something that you’ve easily understood and save yourself the stress and hassle.

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