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You’ve heard so much about off page SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

GOOD: Guest blogging rocks.

BAD: Backlinks are evil.

But wait, one of the main purposes of creating a blog on someone else’s site is so that it will backlink to your site. Wouldn’t that mean that there is a contradiction between the good and bad of it all?

Understanding What Off Page SEO Is; And What It Is Not

Off page SEO involves publishing some type of content externally to your site which directs people back to your site. That content can come in the form of:

  • Articles
  • Images (Meme’s & Infographics)
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Slides

And the list goes on, and on including social networking activities.

However, though it might have been at one point, off page SEO is no longer the strategy to use to flood the search engines with garbage so that they will behave the way you want them to. It used to be able to work this way for those unscrupulous Marketers who choose to take advantage of the weaknesses, but those days are gone.

What Is Hear In 2017?

I’d like to cover 3 extremely powerful types of off-page optimization at this point. These are not the only strategies available, but I sure do love them.

Guest Blogging

Your reading one right now.

The process involves reaching out to a likeminded site with a request to publish articles for them. Some people charge for these types of events while others allow you to proceed free.

Free makes most sense to me since the Webmaster will be benefiting from the content created.

When doing paid writing a 500-word article at my cost is $50 currently, so this is a tremendously rewarding asset for their site. That is especially true because within these free guest blogs that are almost always much longer than just 500 words.

To find guest blogging opportunities search the following on Google.

[topic] + guest post

You’ll find plenty of opportunities available.

HOT TIP: Are you looking for free opportunities only? Add the word “free” to the search term and search again.

One of the primary reasons for wanting to build these types of relationships directly involves the off-page SEO factor of backlinks leading to your Web properties. There are others including the authority that your project begins to develop and become an authority within.

Social Media

Most people think of this term as referring to social networking sites like:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

And the list goes on.

The good news is that they are right.

The bad news is that they are wrong because there is more. Much more. It’s what Web 2.0 type properties are made of. Just some of the many opportunities that could be pursued without cost include:

  • Social Bookmarking
  • Classified Ads
  • Podcast / Slide Shares

And the list goes on.

When you share a link from these above properties that leads people back to your core site, you are participating in what is known as off-page SEO practices.


Technically, video platforms are part of the Web 2.0 community.

However, in my opinion they are different.

There are a variety of platforms to choose from including Vimeo, YouTube and more.

I prefer YouTube.


Question: Who owns YouTube?

Here are 3 answers, you choose which one is right.

  1. Google
  2. Google
  3. Google

I think you will be able to uncover which of the 3 options are correct.

No matter which platform you use you have an opportunity to place your URL in 3 distinct ways, maybe more.

  1. Within the connected description.
  2. As an annotation embedded directly within the video.
  3. As part of the setup of your core profile details.

The cool part about video marketing, especially with Google, is that you have the potential of ranking on the organic search results for both the video and any associated article shared from your Website.

HOT TIP: This is especially true if you take the time to embed the video onto your Website.

Closing Thoughts About Using Off-Page Optimization

NOTE: I’ve been focusing on the answer as it relates to a global type project. If you happen to be building momentum for a local service or business off-page optimization would include a talk about citations.

We have successfully completed our investigation of what off page SEO is and what it is not. We also took a detailed consider 3 ways in which to build synergy and value from the same.

  1. Guest Blogging
  2. Classified Ads
  3. Videos (especially YouTube)

Now that we have taken a deep dive into off-page SEO marketing strategies, it’s your turn.

What have you tried?

What works?

What doesn’t?

Leave your ideas, thoughts and questions in the comments below and get building one link at a time.

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