If you are want to promote your business and want to bring targeted traffic to your site in no time than PPC advertising is an absolute must. PPC is actually called as Pay Per Click advertising in which any advertiser is only charged when an interested visitor click an ad and land on his/her website. PPC will bring rapid traffic and increase the product presence by reaching wide rang of audience in very less time. This will increase your sales and you will get better return on you’re PPC investment.

What is PPC?

To begin and to run a successful PPC campaign, first it’s important to understand what exactly is PPC? If you are a regular internet user, then you might have observed that when you do research in Google, you see some ads at the top or at the right hand side of search results. These are not the natural results. These are the PPC ads and they appear at the top or sometimes in the right hand side because the advertisers have paid the search engine to display those ads, when a user type a particular keywords in Google to find information. If a person clicks that ad and land on the advertiser website, the advertiser is charged for that click. This is in simple words what we call as PPC or Pay-Per-Click Advertising.

The PPC ads appear at the top of every search results and sometimes they are highlighted with a slight color shade. These ads get more visibility and attention from the internet users.

Why You Should Use PPC Advertising?

One of the best part of PPC advertising is that, you will be only charged if any visitor click on your ad, suppose if your ads appear in search result but no one clicks on them, you will not charged so, it’s a win-win situation for advertises as he/she will only be charged when a potential buyer click on his/her ads and land on the website. If any buyer pay money and buy your product than definitely you will get more return compared to the money that you paid for that click.

How To Begin

To start your first PPC campaign, the very first thing, you have to do is to set up an advertiser account with Google Ad Words as Ad Words has the biggest share among all the online PPC advertising companies. Carefully analyze your product and find the right market. Once you do this, spend proper time in doing keywords research. Keywords are very important as your ads will appear for the keywords that you bid. If the bid price of keywords related to your niche are higher than find those keywords that are closely related to your niche with low bid price and high search volume. Now lastly, when you do all this, write effective ads to drive targeted traffic to your website. This part is also very crucial and your success depends on your ads as you have just few words to motivate your potential visitors to click on your ads.

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