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Are you into PPC marketing but think there are still ways you can improve?

Do you want to grow your business with PPC without increasing your budget?

Are you interested in tested and proven tips and advice to help your business grow? Then, the tips in this article might just be what you need.

I’ll be sharing a few sophisticated tips that can help you solidify your PPC campaign with you below. Use them, and let us know how they work!

1. Link to Landing Pages

Instead of linking your PPC adds to just your homepage, or to any other page on your website, why not consider linking to your landing pages instead?

A landing page is a page designated for just one goal; depending on your business model and what you want, this could be to generate leads, sales, or something else.

Landing pages are underestimated, but I can assure you that they can do wonders for your campaign.

2. Split Test Your Landing Pages

Don’t just create a default landing page and forget about it.

Split testing can save you millions of dollars in revenue every year.

Don’t just have one landing page, have as many as possible and keep testing them against each other to see which one works. Also target a version of a particular landing page to a different audience to see how it works, and keep improving your landing page based on how people are responding.

The good thing about PPC ads is that you can easily determine which ad is a winner in a few days depending on your budget, and you can then optimize the winner to help you get more results.

3. Consider Advertising Case Studies

Another smart idea is to focus on advertising your case studies, instead of your homepage or ordinary landing pages.

Ideally, the idea is to create a “case-study style” landing page; the main aim is to have a case study, with the aim of getting people to take just one action. The case study will then be advertised in place of your normal landing page, and you will be able to increase your chances of success significantly.

4. Consider Mobile PPC as a Part of Your Options

The mobile PPC market is growing significantly right now, and it is estimated that Google’s ad revenue this year via the mobile channel will more than double; this only means one thing; current advertisers are increasing their budgets, and more people are joining the bandwagon.

The reality is that the mobile space is currently more sophisticated than a lot of us are aware of, and it is now possible build an entire business targeting only mobile users.

You can do this in a lot of creative ways, but make sure you don’t mix your mobile ads with real ads; create landing pages specific to mobile users, and work on optimizing the landing page till you’re able to get the very best from it.

5. Segment Your Ads, and Carefully Target Other Markets

If your business model is to get school teachers to use your services, and you want to increase your reach and business growth. Instead of focusing on targeting just people searching for keywords related to “America Teachers”, why not create a special landing page focused on targeting “Foreign teachers interested in teaching in America”?

The above is just a random example by the way, but the idea still stands.

Your leads don’t have to be profitable right now; it is your duty to make them profitable for how long it takes.

You can grow your business easily by segmenting your budget, and by targeting locations other competitors won’t even think about targeting. You have to be creative to do this successfully, but you’ll be extending your reach significantly just by doing this.

This guest post is written by expert writer, Paul, who helps others get prepaid mobile broadband internet.

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