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How To Set Up An E-Commerce Website

So you have made a decision to start selling products or service online? Then you are likely to have an e-commerce site. How can you go about having one? This is a brief manual to beginning with your first profitable e-commerce site.

Domain Name

The very first thing you have to do is to select and register an ideal domain name for your site. The site address must be short to ensure that it is simple to keep in mind but in addition reflect the merchandise you are offering and, if possible, the distinctive advantage of the product or service.

Once you have picked your domain name you have to register it. There are a lot of sites you can register your domain – GoDaddy.com, Namecheap.com etc


Now, obviously, you ought to have your e-commerce site designed and developed. The proper way to approach this is to select a user friendly e-commerce application. There are various solutions out there, a few of them free, such as Magento e-commerce platform, from where you can simply include goods, images, costs and product details.

The benefit of creating a Magento e-commerce site is that it includes a couple of built-in features that you want, such as those stated above. It is also really simple to layout your site around it in order that it looks professional and in fact sells your merchandise.

There are also Magento plug-ins easily available that can increase the performance and functionality of your website.


Once you are happy with your e-commerce site when it comes to style and design and you have your products and solutions added, together with photos, costs and product details and your site is live you have to begin your marketing efforts now.

The primary step is to make certain your site is optimized for the search engines, to ensure that when individuals hunt for products like yours in Google and other major search engines and your website appear at the top. This includes both on-site and off- site optimization

Secondly you can advertise your website off site by building back links to your site from other related websites. There are a number of methods to do this, for instance writing articles, running a blog, building a Twitter feed and Facebook, LinkedIn and using other social media sites.

The step to building a profitable e-commerce business is having your e-commerce site at the top of Google. If you have enough budgets than you can use PPC advertising to advertise your e-commerce website to get instant results otherwise with regular SEO, you have to wait for months for the results to come.

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