How to Protect Your Affiliate Links?

Affiliate links are offered by online vendors that run affiliate products. You can use these affiliate links to lead clients to the vendor’s website. So when a customer purchases a product on the vendor’s landing page via your affiliate links, you will have a commission payment from the vendor.

Affiliate links as a result are your golden passes to everlasting online wealth. These are the resources that can generate the income so you safeguard them always.

Among the most effective ways to safeguard your affiliate links is via cloaking techniques. Links are generally hi-jacked by unethical individuals to rob your revenue. To protect affiliate link robbing, you need to wrap it so that you can cover up your affiliate Username.

The easiest method to cover up your affiliate links is to shorten them using different kind of URLs shortening services. There are sites that can provide free solutions to shorten your affiliate links. You can create several short URLs of your affiliate links by making use of the link cloaking applications of these sites.

You can also purchase cloaking program so you can completely handle and personalize the appearance of your links. Using cloaking program is also significant if you would like your buyers to go around the sign up page of the vendor

The application can modify your links so they will direct straight to the squeeze page of the vendor. Your buyers hence will not proceed through various web pages prior to landing on the order page. By doing this, you can guarantee that your prospects can promptly purchase a product so that you can make huge income.

You can also use the methods mentioned to protect your affiliate links as well.

1. Meta Redirects

You can make use of Meta redirects to safeguard your links from online robbers. Generally, you need to include a little code to your website, and the visitor to your site will not know that he/she is on a different website.

2. PHP Redirect

I choose PHP redirects since it is really easy and you will not lose commissions using this method. The only issue is that the page won’t be clocked as with the Meta redirect technique.

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