There’s no doubt that online coupon codes and savings will help any offer convert better. We’ve seen companies like Groupon and Living Social go on to be worth mega millions of dollars just for being a hot site that offers coupon codes and discounts. With more people looking to save money and flocking to the internet for instant coupons and discounts, using these types of promotions in your campaigns can also be a huge advantages.

The same holds true for the RX industry. We recently did a review on the RXProfits Affiliate Network and how you can earn up to $150 per CPA when promoting their offers. Keeping with those same types of promotions in mind, RXProfit recently wrote up a post about how coupon codes can help increase the overall conversions when pushing offer in their network. You can see an excerpt from their full post below.

  1. Shoppers will buy more if they have a coupon – This one’s pretty straightforward and makes total sense. If you know you’re going to get a discount on your order anyway, you might as well make the most of it, right? That’s why you’re more likely to  add more items to your cart to get an even bigger percentage off your order’s total.
  2. Coupons make the conservative browser feel like buying – Knowing there’s a coupon to be used makes even the browsers-only think about placing an order. That’s why it’s important you make your affiliate-assigned coupon code known far and wide.
  3. Expand your shoppers pool – Advertising your coupon code can act as a big boost to your audience of shoppers. Rumors of discounts travel fast, which means your incoming buying traffic could increase greatly if a coupon is the incentive.
  4. Coupons help to reactivate dormant shoppers –  Use your coupon code as a juicy fertilizer for your list of existing yet dormant customers. There’s nothing like an attractive discount opportunity to awaken the sleepers.
  5. Follow the trail and assess your campaign – Coupon codes can really help you gauge your promotion campaigns, and thereby help you perfect your online activity.

For more information on promoting prescription and medicine related offers online, be sure to check out the RX Profits web site, blog and affiliate program.

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