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Being an SEO expert or a marketer, your main objective towards your content is to get it across a diverse range of audience. And to do that, you need to find the smartest ways you can optimize your content on search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN. Recently, Google brought one really interesting improvement to their setting by introducing a feature like RankBrain whose main objective is to clear the air between what the client wants and what you are offering. It concerns you for the reason that it brings visibility to your website on search engines.

What Does RankBrain do?

If your website is optimized through RankBrain, your website will be able to get search results on the search engines. What RankBrain does is make the queries on Google readable, more relevant and deductible for the websites that are optimized on it, resultantly, connecting your website with the queries given by the users. Its main purpose is to break down the queries in more simplified versions, that even if Google cannot read exactly what the user is looking for, RankBrain can help read it more conveniently and better search results for the users. You definitely want your website to be optimized through RankBrain for that matter.

Here are a few things that you need to do on your part to have better search results:

Construct Your Site’s Reputation

You can build your website’s reputation by simply understanding the psyche of your audience. You need to know first what it is that your audience likes and dislikes. More important than that, you need to know their language – how they would communicate their confusions. If you know the right words and the keywords, you have done of your job.

The next step to creating the reputation of your website is by making sure the content that goes up on your website is of high quality. You should work on the backlinks as well. For that what you can do is opt for guest posting on high reputed sites that may also help to reach the audience of popular influencers as well.

There is a good chance that you will engage your audience if your work reflects their choice, need an answer. You can add videos, colorful images, gifs or any other media content.

Use Medium Tail Keywords

What works best? If you ask Google, the answer would be Medium Tail Keywords as they have decent visibility on Google’s page. Another reason is, long tail keywords do not make a good impression on the reader. Medium tail keywords are best suited for RankBrain although RankBrain is extremely intelligent at finding results unlike those times when Google gave different results for, let’s say, “Best Movies of 2015” and “2018 Best Movies”. RankBrain does not discriminate between the two because what it does is look for the intent of the user. Medium tail keywords do both the jobs of long and short tail keywords which is why they are preferred.

Aim at User’s Intent

Your main focus should be to manage click-through-rates. If it is going too low, your website is in danger of getting a low position in SERPs as well. That’s how your business goes into the loss. To remedy such a situation, you need to make sure the content you use on your website is of good quality. It should be useful to the visitor and engaging for his mind, for which you need to look deeper into his intent. RankBrain will facilitate you by stressing less on the keywords – the traditional method – and more on the main body of the content which is relevant to what the people landing on your page want. It will also help you connect with the relevant keywords because what it does is understand the query with its power to make links with the information gathered through data mining.


When you are looking long term engagement, growth and success for your business, you need to make sure you are using the latest strategies, convenient services and honest commitment by your employees. If your employees don’t face any issues regarding the internet or phone service, your work will be abundantly enhanced. For reliable services, you can consider Spectrum internet or their packages for smooth working.

Nathan John works as a content editor at Spectrum Hawaii. he previously worked with Frontier internet. He contributes in many online communities and writes about marketing, technology, and business.

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