Social media is a formidable source to gain traffic for the plain reason that millions upon millions of people use it daily, sometimes several times a day, to get updates and find information. Due to this, there are many businesses that adopt social media marketing as away to gain traffic: other than the obvious solution to gain traffic that is pay per click advertising. However, a campaign that once worked for PPC may not necessarily work on social media sites, such as Twitter. Therefore, it is important to adapt your strategy so that you can maximise the potential of your social marketing campaign to gain as much traffic and as many conversions as possible. With this in mind, here are a few ways you can go about improving a tweet so that it gains more clicks, more engagements and more conversions.


#1 Tweet the right time of day

The first step to tweeting is to make sure you tweet at the right time of day and the right day/s of the week too. This is because there are proven statistics on the internet which identify when most Twitter users are online (so it makes sense to tweet at these times to gain maximum exposure).

As a starting block, try sending out tweets on the weekend as these tend to perform much better than the same tweets sent out on weekdays. As well as this, tweets which are tweeted between 8am and 7pm get more engagements than tweets out of these time frames, irrespective of what day too.


#2 150 Characters? You mean 100 Characters

Twitter naturally adopts an upper limit to the number of characters that can be in a tweet – this is set to 150 characters. Therefore, a lot of businesses try to use this limit and generally have tweets with around 130-150 characters in them. Yet, do you really need 150 characters?

Tweets that are around 100 characters as opposed to 150 characters tend to get more engagements. Remember that the attention span of people online is low. Therefore the shorter, the better. Below 100 characters and you probably won’t have enough information in the tweet to entice the web user – this is another reason why it is a good idea to try and stick to 100 characters for your tweets as it will also give you enough space to promote whatever you are trying to advertise.


#3 Include a #hashtag

Hashtags are a great feature of Twitter as they enable tweets to expand their exposure by simply including a hashtag which is searchable and cause the tweet to appear on search results for that hashtag. Even with this great feature, you will still find that businesses do not adopt hashtags – this is generally because hashtags do not always look the most professional when used in tweets.

However, this depends significantly on what the hashtag is about. As well as this, hashtags have the potential to increase the exposure of your tweet by up to double. A word of warning must come with this, though, as tweets with more than two hashtags tend to not perform as well so try sticking 1-2 hashtags in tweets at a time.

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