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The search marketers are very well aware of this fact so, they never try to group hundred or thousands of keywords in one segment. Keywords data if groped in one segment will not help them to know the click through rates, individual impression volumes, cost per clicks, and conversion rates of each keyword.

To achieve the best results from each keyword the search marketers keep the data at its elemental level. An expert search marketer knows that some data elements (keywords) have much better results over other keywords as it is the desire of every search marketer to pay more for keywords that give better conversation rates and not on those keywords that are less effective.

This can also be seen in search retargeting, where efficiency often will vary between identical key terms that would seem to fit in the same section.

How Search Marketers Can Take The maximum Benefit

So, the only way, the search marketers can take the maximum benefit is by targeting the data at an elementary level. It has another big advantage that it will reduce the time and effort needed to create and populate sections; you will also be able to get deeper insights and better performance.

This will also provide other benefits as now you will be able to spend money on best performing keywords (data elements). You can do this either manually or by using any software for doing it automatically.

In my view automated method is more effective in making decision on how much to bid on each impression if we update the software algorithms with essential information at basic element level.

We can get deeper insights by targeting at elementary levels such as the performance of each keyword, social interaction, pages visited and other data element. Once all the data is available the search marketers can develop future marketing plans, new offers and campaigns.


John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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