Making Unstructured Data Actionable In Display

The unstructured data is still valuable as it already provide important information’s such as optimization, Keyword level bidding, and reporting.

With the help of the latest Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), marketers can take the advantage from unstructured data as Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) offers several features that help in bidding, managing, and optimizing the data at elementary level. The silent features are as follow.

  • Search Retargeting At Keyword Level – you will be able to target keywords at the individual level to analyze its performance and other market insights. Hence it will help you to spend money on keywords that have better performance. You can start your own campaigns as it helps you to target over 100K individual keywords and will also maintain, bid and optimize keywords at elementary level providing you a complete report as well.
  • Contextual Targeting Based On Keyword – Rather than targeting fixed contextual categories, you will also be able to target custom contextual categories. However you will be able to get the complete report of bidding, targeting and optimization at each keyword level.
  • Site Retargeting At Element Level – the ads are targeted according to the individual keywords, page visited or according to the products that are put in to the shopping cart Instead of grouping visitors to a site into just a few segments.
  • Behavioral Targeting At Element Level – strategies can be formed by targeting a set of behavior by also keeping other factors in account such as pricing and performance of individual site or behaviors. This kind of data enables to spend more budgets on better performing sites or behaviors.

With further new developments in display advertising eco-system, this list will surely grow to provide new features.

John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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