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On Page SEO factors

You undoubtedly want your articles and website pages to be uncovered by individuals on the web but if you haven’t offered the necessary facts then no one will find a way to see what you are presenting in your blog. When an individual looks for anything or key term in the search bar, he/ she will get 10 results on the very first page of any search engine according to his or her search query.

There are 3 parts that appear in search query, the title of blog, the URL and the description so; in on page SEO, you have to pay focus mainly on these 3 factors. There are other factors as well such as keyword density, Mata tags, etc.

Quality Back links

If you believe that you will do well in online marketing world without authority back links pointing to your blog then think again. The more authority back links you should have for your site the better you rank in search engines.

You need to create interaction with authority websites with high page rank, make contact with websites related to your nice and request for a link exchange. The only key to succeed is the effort and hard work you do to get your site ranked higher in search engines.

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