Affiliate advertising is becoming an extremely effective way to increase the profits of a product or service you are looking to sell. What you are doing is allowing anyone to advertise your product/service in exchange for a share in the profit margin of what they are promoting, saving yourself time and money in promoting the product or service yourself.

However, when it comes to affiliate advertising, there are ways to make sure you make the most out of ‘affilitizing’ (if that is a word) a product or service, so that web users click onto buying it. Here are some ways to do just this.


Offer Incentives

Incentives are an effective way to get a conversion, since they provide the web user with the idea of a ‘win-win’ situation: if they buy it and like it, it is a win. If they buy it and don’t like it, it’s still a win since they received the incentive.

An example of this comes with the betting industry, that tend to like to give new customers free bets to attract them into signing up. Financial incentives are, by far, the best type of incentive, such as money-back or a special discount.


Add Timed Promotions

There is nothing more frantic for a web user than seeing something they are indecisive about buying and also seeing that there is a deadline for getting a discount (incentive) on it. In this circumstance, it is not uncommon to see web users follow through with the purchase, just so that they do not miss out on the deadline of the incentive.

For this reason, it is a good idea to add deadlines to when your product or service has a promotion till. This will also attract good exposure on discount websites and social media, creating a buzz around the fact such an offer is only available for so long.


Increase Commission to Affiliate Publishers

Increasing the commission per sale an affiliate publisher in your network receives will naturally cause your profit margin to decrease. However, from increasing the incentive for publishers to promote your product or service will also get more publishers on board. If you have more publishers promoting your product or service, you will have gained more exposure and, in general, more sales. Therefore, giving a bit more back to publishers can result in more sales, counteracting the reduced profit margin. At the end of the day, it is important to remember that affiliate advertising does not work if there are no publishers in your network wanting and looking to advertise and promote your product or service, be it in a positive or negative light.

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