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Keywords should not be used again and again as maintaining a proper keyword density is must for better ranking. The ideal keyword density ranges from 3-5%. Over usage of keyword/keywords make it unnatural in the eyes of Google and Google will punish your website for doing this.

Keywords must, on the other hand, be on the 1st page of the site content, because this is the most vital part of your website contents. People not getting the keywords and phrases in the 1st page will lose their interest as they will consider your website UN relevant and will leave your website immediately

Do not use redirects. If you use the redirects then any visitor who land on your website will have feeling that they are cheated, and without any doubt, they will leave your website immediately.

Have an evaluation on your site’s written content and review the advantages and dis- advantages you can get from the aspects you put in the layout. Remove those you experience will not enable you to get the SEO you want.

If you monitor your website traffic and the search positions you get for the site designed you will have a good assessment of the outcomes. Make adjustments if required.

It can be perfect for your site design if you make standard adjustments in the layout every few months. People may feel uninterested if they view the similar stuff again and again, and with minor adjustments made occasionally, they will observe something new.

There are a lot of elements in the site’s layout that are essential in having the top positions in the Google. Guaranteeing that these are involved will enable you to get on the top position promptly.


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