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There are lots of tips you can pick up about pay per click advertising on the internet. For example, only a few articles ago I highlighted 3 Common Mistakes Made In Google AdWords. In this ‘PPC tips’ article, I want to focus our attention on the traffic coming to a landing page due to PPC advertising. To make a success of a PPC campaign, you ultimately want your PPC traffic perform your desired conversion on your own landing page. To get this to happen takes a lot of work. What type of landing page do you want to use? What are you trying to promote? THow to Get PPC Traffic To Engageherefore, what type of conversion should you adopt? It is the advertiser that should answer these questions. But, one thing that can be certain is that for ultimate success in PPC, you will want your traffic to engage as much as possible with your landing page and PPC campaign.


The reason for this is because if your traffic is engaging more with your campaign and landing page, it is a clear sign they are interested in them and will further delight you in performing your desired conversion. You are occupying and attracting your PPC traffic’s interest and intention: this is exactly what you want to achieve to get a high conversion rate. Therefore, how can get your PPC traffic to get engaged and stay engaged for longer?



 Ask Questions

I find that asking questions is great tactic to getting web users to engage with content far more quickly than, well, without questions. The reason for this is because by asking a question automatically makes people want to find the answer if the answer is not displayed in front of them already. Therefore, if you ask a question on your PPC advert, the CTR will rocket up because people will click onto your advert just to find out the answer of the question or, at the very least, get closure!



Limit Content on Landing Page

Another area that many advertisers fail to recognise is the amount of text and content they have on their landing page. The fact of the matter is that web users have a short attention span because the next best thing is only a click away to them: if the web user does not like your PPC search advert, they can click to the next one or go to organic results. If the web user does not like your landing page, they can just click back or exit the page altogether. For this reason, once you have done the hard work of getting them onto your landing page, don’t let your campaign fall at the last hurdle with paragraph after paragraph of content! Content should be limited to, at maximum, hundred words in sentences above the fold (excluding navigation menus etc.). It is most affective to use images on landing pages like Netflix did with their campaign because an image has the potential to be worth a thousand words.

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