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Online advertising is as old as the Internet itself.  There are a wide variety of methods used on multimillion dollar corporations and small businesses, which allow them to use to infinitely expand their prospective customer bases.  One of the oldest, and incidentally the least effective, methods of online advertising is the blanket-e-mail, also known as the bulk-e-mail.  This type of online advertising is one of the most hated tactics among Internet users, because of the fact that these mass e-mails often flawed into people’s e-mail by the hundreds.  The high volume of junk e-mails received by Americans on a daily basis is due to the fact that many types of companies and websites employ these outdated tactics.

If you are using blanket e-mail tactics to attempt to improve your company’s exposure through the web, then I suggest you stop immediately.  Bulk e-mails are not anything more to modern people than horrendous annoyance. Some of you may be asking yourselves “, is there a way that we can use the World Wide Web to increase our companies’ public exposure without alienating potential customers through the use of annoying e-mails, or breaking the bank with overly expensive website maintenance and design teams?”  The answer to this question is “yes”.

Recently, many software corporations such as Microsoft and Google developed a new innovative type of software known as pay per click advertising software, which is also known as PPC .  One of the most popular forms of pay per click advertisement software is Google AdWords.  This program allows you to create your own unique advertisements, while also allowing you to utilize a great deal of other features which can help you improve your advertisements’ overall effectiveness.  However, using new software, especially those associated with the Internet, are at times daunting tasks.

Although there are wide variety of workshops, tutorials, and health programs offered by both the creators of software programs such as AdWords, and many people have written copious amounts of books and other literature which can be equated to “pay per click advertising for dummies”.  However there are a great many other avenues, which have been made available to everyday people through the Internet itself.

Chief among these digital avenues are a variety of websites, which are privately owned and administered.  One of the best websites, which provides discussion boards and contact information to professional agencies which work in pay-per-click advertising, is www.PPC.org. This website and others like it can offer those of us that are new to the realm of pay per click advertising a wide variety of useful and innovative PPC tips and PPC tricks, which will undoubtedly make PPC advertising a breeze.

Some of the tips that are available from business website include the use of PPC advertisements on social websites such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as tips on tracking the effectiveness of your online advertisements, and the use of pay per click advertisements to earn capital.  In conclusion, this article has not explained methods used to use pay per click ads.  However, it has fulfilled the purpose for which it was intended, and that he was to give you a starting point for researching the possibilities offered by pay per click advertising campaigns.

John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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