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As time passed, I learned that becoming a PPC analyst will require you to be in a state of steady learning and adaptation. You’re mostly given the task to solve a lot of problems, from complex data analysis to technical troubleshooting. The abilities and skills to meet the needs are varied, and in most cases, you don’t have all you need to resolve an issue instantly; this can result in frustration.

Below are some things I have learned to remind myself anytime I have those frustrating periods.

1.   You cannot and will not know everything

Pay-per-click technology is vast and constantly evolving. You can’t keep up with everything there’s to know. From the advertisement platforms to tracking to analytics to data analysis, the time we have in a day isn’t enough to keep up with all of these. So, what should you do?

All you need to do is just be comfortable with not having knowledge of everything.

It is okay to not know some things. It is okay to take your time and reflect on an issue. You’ll mostly get to realize a better solution and save yourself so much headache in the end.

2.   Take some time to learn the technology

Since this field gets lots of tech changes, it is easy to want to get right in and begin to help. This mostly backfires because you do not have the knowledge required to understand what you’re to do.

What you need to do is take your time and learn about any technology you are trying to fix or maybe data you are trying to pull. Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

Where will you possibly get the type of data you require?

Are you required to get from multiple sources and aggregate?

What tool might be the best for that?

Does a tool or platform you’re about to use have any oddities, and what kind of effect will it have on your analysis?

You can answer a whole kind of question by simply stepping back a little and thinking through the problem thoroughly.

3.   Add to your toolbox frequently

The ability of an analyst to do their job is mostly determined by the analyst’s toolbox. This toolbox has all the things from knowledge of analytics tools and ad platforms to coding and spreadsheets that can help fix a lot of issues.

You can easily invest time in the tools you have knowledge of because building on a foundation is way easier than building from scratch, but you’re likely just missing out on helpful tools in the long term.

For example, data analysis still relies on spreadsheets in many places, but we’ve got some issues that just cannot be done using a spreadsheet or just that doing it elsewhere will provide more efficiency. That’s the reason having some database and coding knowledge can offer you the needed help.

Always continue searching for tools that’ll make your work more efficient and easier.


Data is one of the most important parts of PPC and data analysis is a very complex field. The need to get solutions can be strong but can be frustrating when you run into roadblocks that are stronger. With these three concepts, you’ll be able to create a mindset that’ll help survive the frustration. I hope they’ve, at least, helped you to develop your own mindset.

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