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One of the biggest problems associated with blogging is, in itself, blogging. The capacity to pump out new information onto the internet, that is still high quality, unique and provides benefit to the readers is something that can be difficult to do consistently. Good quality content cannot be forced, and neither can it be produced in high quantity. Be this as this may, there are a few ways you can break up posting content, as well as to help you create consistently better content. Here are a few ways to do this.


Start a Notepad of Ideas

Writer’s block, or ‘blogger’s blog’ is a terrible thing to have, but it will happen to the best of us. Sitting at your desk, waiting for the ideas to burst into your head. At some points, I’ve wasted tens of minutes, if not hours a week, trying to find ideas on demand.

The problem is that ideas don’t just ‘pop up’ when we want them to. They come at the most random and inconvenient of times. This is why it is a necessity to have a notepad, or a notepad app, on hand when they do.

This will be your favorite app as a blogger. Although simple, it will allow you to jot down every idea that comes into your head when you are out and about. This means, once you are ready to sit down and blog, you will have an abundant of great ideas to go by.


Utilize Headings and Bullet Points

I remember, when I was at school, one of the hardest topics for me, in terms of homework, was the essay writing. Even if I had other homework that would take, say, 3 hours, I dreaded writing an essay for one hour more than other pieces of homework for 3 hours. Why was this the case? Because it was easier to break up other pieces of homework, as opposed to essay writing.

With most pieces of homework, there are a set amount of questions. You could complete the homework in chunks. With an essay, its all or nothing.

The same principle can apply to blogging. It is a lot easier to blog and create content when it can be easily split up to manage your workload. The best way to do this is through using headings and bullet points throughout your content, to give it some sort of structure.


Take Inspiration

This is going to sound counter-intuitive, but some of the best ideas come from seeing what others are blogging about on the internet. This is because:

  • It will give you an idea about what are the topics that are important now
  • It will give you an idea about what not to blog about – highly saturated topics online will struggle to get any good SEO due to the high level of competition
  • From reading other content, you might be able to see ‘holes’ in the content that others do not go through, giving you an edge and niche to talk about


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