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Creating a search advert in pay per click advertising that stands out from the crowd can be a difficult How to Create a Search Advert That Stands Outchallenge, to say the least. With the addition of another advert in the paid search results area above organic results, the competition in PPC has, to some extent, increased. Therefore, never has it been a more crucial time to make sure your PPC search advert stands out: in terms of its contents and visually. With this in mind, here are a few ways you can help make your advert stand out, so it gets noticed more resulting in a higher click through rate (CTR).



#1 Use Ad Extensions

It is generally known online that the larger something appears on a web browser, the more likely the web user is going to see that object on the screen. The same principle can be applied to online advertising. For this reason, the use of ad extensions will help to make your advert more noticeable due to the fact that the ad extension will increase the overall size of your advert and add content to it too.

Some of the ad extensions are automatically added by Google where they feel it will improve adverts. However, to truly make sure you have an ad extension in your advert, you need to manually add an ad extension. With this, you will also need to make sure your ad rank is high enough to be even allowed to use ad extensions in the first place too.



#2 Address the User Directly in the Title

The best and most successful adverts out there in PPC use the title to directly address what the web user is searching for. Considering the fact that the title is the first part to the search advert that will be read, it is extremely important the content of the title is spot on.

Some advertisers like to use rhetorical questions to entice web users further. However, they really do not work that well since you are not enticing them but offering them a yes/no answer, for which will not be the answer/reaction you always want. Directly addressing the web user in the title will make your advert more contextual to the web user and to-the-point – one way to know that you have achieved this is through reverse engineering the title back to the search phrase the web user searched for – can you tell what the web user searched for from just reading your advert’s title? If so, it is spot on.



Of course, there are many other factors which can help your advert stand out such as the location of it (if it is #1 or the bottom advert at #4), the content in the description and the URL used. However, the above two areas have the potential to make an advert go from being ignored and blocked by the web user to being viewed by, near enough, every web user. For those with campaigns that want traffic quick, gaining a high CTR is vital to this so making sure your advert stands out is paramount to your campaign’s success.

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