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You don’t need me to tell you the numerous reasons why pay per click advertising is one of, if not the, most used form of online advertising out there. But, you probably have Googled some time or another how to best use PPC advertising for your personal or business benefits, since PPC is so versatile it can be quite a daunting task to understand how to best use such a platform. For the majority of PPC advertisers out there, they will see PPC as a way to gain contextual traffic to a landing page which should ultimately end in a conversion, which will provide revenue to a business in one form or another. However, what PPC advertisers commonly miss out on is that PPC is, in fact, a great tool to use to build a brand and spread brand awareness. Here are some ways you can build a brand and spread brand awareness through PPC advertising.



Adopt the ‘Brand-Focused’ PPC Search Advert

Truth be told that this is a name I just made up (but maybe it will catch on)? The brand-focused PPC search advert can still have the same objectives of gaining a conversion etc. that normal campaigns have. But, it also helps to build a brand for your business as well. This is done through adopting a certain structure for a PPC advert which follows:

[Address the search phrase the web user searched for] – URL or brand name

Describe what the advert is about in detail.

URL (which should be ‘the brand name’.com)

From adopting this structure for a PPC search advert, you are solidifying your brand to the world and making it gain much needed awareness even if the web user does not click onto your advert. Such examples of this includes the top three adverts for the search phrase ‘bank loans’:

How to Build a Brand with PPC AdvertisingWith each one of these adverts, they address the search phrase first, include the brand name or URL (which includes the brand name) at the end of the title. The descriptions each describe the advert’s well and the URL includes the brand name once again. It is no fluke that many campaigns adopt this structure – it is because it works.


Always Include Your Logo/Brand Name in the Top Left of Landing Pages

This is a must.

No matter what type of theme and structure your landing page has, it is an absolute neccessity to make sure your logo or brand name (hopefully the logo includes the brand name) is visible in the top left of your landing page. This is because:

  • 99 times out of 100, websites will have their logo/brand name in the top left area of their website. Therefore, when web users landing onto PPC landing pages, they will expect to see a logo or brand name in this area as well.
  • It is an area which does not tend to perform well when it comes to getting clicks and attention. Therefore, it is a good and efficient use of area to stick the brand name or logo in their area.

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