How to Begin in PPC 26 Apr 2012

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Pay per click advertising can be seen as very daunting for new advertisers who wish to enter the market of PPC. The problem is that many of these new advertisers don’t know the do’s and don’ts to this form of online advertisement. It is near impossible to mention everything a new advertiser needs to know in one article. There is so much you need to know and can learn from PPC it may seem a bit disheartening. But, worry not because like with most things in life, you can learn a bit beforehand to get a grips of what you are about to face. Below are some key areas advertisers need to know about for them to understand the significance they will have to their pay per click campaigns.


Landing Page

One of the most important aspects to your campaign is your landing page (the site people will ‘land’ on from your campaign). You may have achieved at getting targeted traffic to your landing page. However, in simplistic terms, if your landing page ‘sucks’, all that hard work of getting the traffic their will be for nothing. Don’t let your campaign fall at the last hurdle! For this reason, take a look at the different types of landing pages you can choose for your PPC campaign. Each landing page will prove to serve a different role making it easier to make your landing page more specific to your campaign.



Tracking Your Progress

Another important aspect to PPC: understanding where you are achieving and failing to achieve in PPC will make it a lot easier to improve your campaign’s overall performance. For this reason, place a tracking code on your landing page to analyse the page’s performance. I have mentioned in the past in a part 1 and part 2 how Google Analytics’ statistics can be used in a PPC campaign to analyse your landing page’s success. It’s free and provides you with much detail research about your visitors. Therefore, use it!



Keywords are key to success in PPC. Choosing the wrong keywords in your campaign will cause many drawbacks to occur:

  • Your CPC may increase dependent on how competitive the keyword is with advertisers.
  • Your conversion rate may decrease causing your campaign to become less efficient.
  • Your CTR may decrease.
  • The traffic you gain to your landing page via PPC will be less targeted.
Choosing the right keywords is so easy and simple in making your campaign successful. If you are stuck with what keywords to use, start with a spider diagram. Put in the middle what you think your campaign is themed around. Once you have done this, try and come with as many words that are related to the theme and place them all around  your spider diagram. These will be your keywords in your PPC campaign. If you want to be really specific and cut some of the variable costs of your campaign, you a keyword tool online to determine the CPC of your keywords. From this, you can pick the cheapest paying keywords to make your budget stretch that bit further.
Starting out in PPC can be a very difficult process. However, following the above steps as well as learning on the go will encourage you to make the transition that bit easier.

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