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I have been working recently in developing a new weight loss blog where I provide reviews about world famous diets such as that of Nutrisystem and Medifast. This kind of niche has always been popular with bloggers. Though the online weight loss industry is competitive, I have seen that you can still make money from a weight loss blog, while assisting others to change their lifestyle habits and become happier in the process.

While the niche of the blog I am involved in is about weight loss diets for women over 35 years old, there are numerous specific sub-niches that can be created within this rapidly growing industry, and bloggers can be successful with high ranking, income-producing websites.

I have been successful enough in the weight loss business, however, I found that at the start it was not as straight forward as I was told. The following are four common misunderstandings I experienced:

  1. It Is Enough To Work On Your Business Part-Time

When I first started my business, I was working full-time in a day job and only giving part-time efforts to my own blogging business. For a long time I was not going anywhere. I quickly realised this had to change, I decided to put all my efforts into growing my business. I discovered the following life-changing realization: “The mindset of a true entrepreneur should rise above the standards that exist in individuals who labor for others in the daily grind of full-time employment”. When I decided to commit fully to my own venture and leave full time employment, things really started to take off.

  1. Blogging Does Not Need to Be a Priority

If you want to succeed you have to put blogging above other activities in your life. Prioritization is an essential aspect of your weight loss business. Utilize your time, energy and focus in the most productive manner. Many opportunities are lost due to ineffective prioritization and time spent on futile activities that do nothing to grow your weight loss blog. The weight loss blog niche is hugely competitive and failure to prioritize can result in overall failure to get off the ground.  Those who commit fully and focus on their desired outcomes at all times are the most productive and successful.

Do you waste time that could be spent on creating valuable content and finding excellent products to share with your readers, by getting distracted by Facebook, games or YouTube? This increases your competitor’s chances of succeeding and gaining market share that could have been yours.

Plan each day wisely and stick to that plan! Be disciplined with your time and energy. Set and keep your priorities and do not allow others to take up valuable time with unimportant events or activities.  Develop the skills and focus needed to make your mark in your industry and you will achieve your goals and bask in the glory of success.

  1. You Will Make Money In a Month

That is a myth. Set realistic goals, it may not be possible to achieve internet success within a short month. It takes time to build up readership and trust. It takes time to create sufficient cash flow with your weight loss blog so take an honest appraisal of what can be expected, so you will not become disheartened and give up.

To become a successful blogger and reach your financial goals you need to:

  • Create a customer database
  • Develop mutual rewarding partnerships
  • Continually create valuable content
  • Choose products that work and help your readers achieve their goals
  • Create and optimize your weight loss blog
  • Gain quality, organic traffic to your blog
  • Build trust and business credibility.

These take time to establish, be honest with yourself in terms of what you can achieve within certain timeframes.  Gradually shape your blog into a long-term successful site.

3. Google Hates You and So Does Everyone of Your Competitors

This is not true. It is a sign of negative thinking which will not help you win this game. Success first begins in the mind. What you believe to be true becomes so. Maintain a positive outlook as you build your online weight loss empire.  A winning attitude is half the battle. Yes, you will encounter obstacles on your path; see these as stepping stones to your success, pointers to show you that you need to slightly change your focus or direction. Be prepared for these inevitable set-backs and you will be prepared to overcome them.  Maintain enthusiasm in your vision for your diet and blog and this will motivate you to overcome any hurdles you may encounter.

Set realistic goals to maintain your optimism and positivity. Begin with small steps such as setting a goal to earn $200. Once that is achieved, pat yourself on the back and create a larger goal to be achieved. This will condition to you remain positive and keep you in a winning mindset.

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