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Since you signed up with Google AdWords have you received a message from them, something to the tune of bid $5 or increase your quality to activate? If your answer is yeas then Google may be hinting to you that you can’t be on the system and not using it.

AdWords makes a huge profit for Google and since your PPC ads are what give them the money they will encourage you to use their services. But before you think of them as greedy stop to think how you can benefit from the use of their system as well – it is a win, win situation. As such they will encourage you to make your ads more profitable if they see that the system is not working for you. You can do this either by increasing your bid or by increasing the quality of your ad so that it will get more clicks.

If your ad is not performing and Google determines that it is because you are using an unrelated keyword then they will deactivate it. They will help you or push you to make the required changes by charging you up to ten times more for each click you receive. Yes that is a high penalty but what do you do in this situation?

You should definitely not pay the increased price they are charging you. The reason they can do this is that many advertisers succumb to this unfair practice in an effort to secure the keywords.  If you do that you could see the increase going up to as much as 500% and no keyword is worth that much. Here are two PPC tips you can use when you are faced with this situation.

Simply remove the keyword from your campaign then find a keyword that is suitable to your campaign or create an ad that is more closely matched to your keywords. You can also make an ad group campaign. Here you will be able to put the keyword into the headline. If using the latter you should ensure that you group your relevant keywords together. Many times the keywords you choose may seem relevant to you and may be related in the eyes of the average person but if Google can think of better keywords for your ad ten they will have a problem.

Once you have a topic that is related or relevant to your selected keywords you won’t have to worry too much about deactivation of your advertisement. If you follow this principle you will benefit in two ways; you won’t have to pay a ridiculous price for your keywords and it is very likely your PPC price will drop lower than you were paying initially. This is great for you as you will be getting highly targeted traffic at an even more affordable price.

Your next option is to remove the keyword for a couple days and then put it back up. When you repost it you will find that you will be paying the initial price as when you started the campaign.

If you really understand how AdWords and PPC work you will definitely be able to reap the rewards of using the system. But you don’t have to do it yourself though, visit www.ppc.org

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