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It is almost the desire of every webmaster to rank his or her website in top 10 positions in all major search engines particularly Google as Google is the biggest search engine used all over the world.  In past SEO was quiet different that it is today. Previously webmaster just put lot of keywords in their content to get better ranking but the content itself is so poor that it offers no value to its readers. But due to recent panda updates, SEO has got several new advancements and now the ranking of a website in Google depends on different factors.  These factors can be categorized as On-page and off-page SEO factors. Talking about the off-page SEO factors, the most important of all is back links. These are in simple words can be called as the back bone of any website as back links act as votes in eyes of search engines.  In this article we will discuss about back links and how to analyze their value so, to get higher ranking in all three major search engines.

Different webmasters have different opinion about back links some talk about quality of back links and some prefer quantity. However, the most important thing on which all agree is that to rank any website, you need back links and have to build new back links with the passage of time to maintain your search engine rankings. The links should be from authority sites and are of high quality as low quality links from bad neighbors will only damage your ranking. Below are few factors that will help you to determine the worth of different kind of back links and their importance in ranking any website in search engines.

Different Factors To Keep In Mind While Determining link value

Type of Link:

Every webmaster knows about different types of backlinks and their importance but the most two powerful types of back links that play a vital role in ranking a website are text and image links. Text links are preferred over image links as they are considered as more powerful and are quickly indexed by search engines. There are other types of links such as JavaScript. These types of links have no importance from SEO point of view as they can neither be read nor indexed by all major search engines.

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