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You just recently started your own web site, and you’ve already started adding a decent amount of content. Your next focus is on link building and getting ranked in the search engines, but how long should you want to let your site naturally index before building your own link building strategy? I recently had the chance to interview Alex Pyatetsky from TheHoth, about some of the frequency asked questions in the SEO world, and how important the different methods of link building are for web sites.

Is there a certain amount of content a web site should have before a backlinking plan is put in place?

I have no hard rules for this.
If you have a real company, your site will likely grow and evolve no matter what. If its an affiliate site, I’d say have 10ish decent articles on there before you start building links aggressively and hopefully at least 5 more you can add later (ideally, you have some kind of ongoing content schedule). This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t build any links to the first 10, but take it a bit easier (i.e. just social bookmarks). That said, if your foundational authority is strong, you can probably go hard from the beginning.
Keep in mind, there’s been a very strong correlation documented between the amount of content on a page and how well it ranks. Its hard to say if this relationship is causal or if longer content just ranks higher because its more valuable and attracts more links. Regardless, make sure that the pages you want to rank are developed with a generous amount of quality content.
For more info on this last point, watch the EXTREMELY worthwhile Panda Update webinar from Guerilla @ Dripfeed Blasts. Its one of the top 3 presentation on SEO that came out in 2011, if you ask me. (I can’t tell you what the other 2 are, I just assume they exist…)

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