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It’s always interesting to see how different agencies and media companies are spending their advertising dollars. In the infographic below you will get a visual breakdown of how ad companies as still spending and wasting the almighty dollar on advertising trends that seem to just keep dying out, while others are adapting and focusing their advertising efforts more on the future and online advertising.

  • Television $190 billion – Television still dominates global ad spending in 2011
  • Internet $72 billion – But online opportunities are changing the way advertising works.
  • Newspapers $93 billion – Who is still putting this much effort into newspaper advertising?
  • Magazines $43 billion – We will continue to see a decrease in newspaper and print spending.
  • Radio $31 billion – How long will radio stations be able to stick around with Internet radio everywhere?
  • Outdoor $31 billion – I guess people still like to look at billboard advertising… but are they still effective?

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