Now that is a bold claim right? But I think I can prove that I have done just that.

You see I own a free unlimited hosting provider called Hostt. And when I set this business up at first I did what I saw all my competitors do. I listed my packaged types, listed all of my features and many more pages of information about my control panel, unlimited email, unlimited mysql etc.

I was still getting a good deal of sign ups but I always like to push myself to be better and perform better. So as I was looking at ways to boost landing page CTRs and I just thought let’s stop for a moment. I need to define my aim first.

My aim should be to build the simplest landing page so when a user is looking for a free unlimited hosting provider and finds Powrhost I present them with the answers in a few seconds. Those few seconds should be enough to get across everything I have to say and grab the visitor’s attention as well as point him in the right direction.

The solution instantly came: squeeze page. A very simply squeeze page with a video. Now that may sound very simple to you but do the other free unlimited hosting providers do this? No. Whereas my 30 second video gets across the pages of content I had before and the bold form is getting 3 times as many sign ups as my previous landing page.
Here is how my landing page looks now:

What you should take away from this is that if you own any type of website you need to strip down to the basics. Do not distract the user with tons of content. Figure out what your visitors want and present them with only information which is relevant to their questions.

They already know their what they’re looking for so all you have to do is present the answer. The best landing pages do just that.

This also applies to PPV advertising. Where I have also found out the hard way that keeping my landing pages ugly bit simple, I get much more clicks.

This guest post was written by Mate Hegedus a 17 year old internet marketer and owner of free unlimited hosting service Powrhost.

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