Facebook PPC is still in those infancy phases where you can still capitalize on fun ‘loopholes’. Think: Google PPC in 2008.  I am not an expert, nor pretend to be, but I did taste some success last month.  In this post I will tell you how I made $2600 in 3 Weeks with one Affiliate Offer (3 Easy Methods).

Let me show you the simple steps that got me there…

Picture Optimization (Be Awkward)

This was very intriguing. I heard on a training that the awkward paintbrush touch ups on a picture actually draw attention and create higher CTR. So I put this to the test.

My result? It doubled my CTR rate. This is the picture that worked for me:

Optimized PPC Image

As you can see, I used a picture of Tim Ferriss to promote an offer. But I added his first name awkwardly over his image and added a red border.

Easy change. If you notice, more and more people are doing this. Do it before it becomes saturated and people get tired of seeing stuff like that. Or before Facebook straps on the ‘Superman cape’ and comes out with some photo-verification software that disables any touch-ups.

It looks funky, but it draws attention. I have seen the same ad do this for several months. Usually, this means that the image converts well.

Add a Custom Page Tab to your Facebook Page

This ‘trick’ has given me a serious unfair advantage the last few months and has been largely responsible to my Facebook PPC success. I know John personally and this is a great PPC website, so I don’t mind sharing it to his readers.

If you have tried doing any affiliate marketing offers, you will notice that it is almost impossible to get your ad approved.

This is also the case for dating campaigns, as well, which can be very profitable.

The workaround?

Just install an iframe page app and link it to show your webpage. Since you are still linking to the Facebook domain, your ad will usually get auto-approved. (Their approval processes are highly automated)

Use this app here. It is pretty self-explanatory. Pick the page link you want the tab to display. This would be your affiliate page or whatever you are promoting. Next, add a tab image that is relevant to what you are displaying.

As a bonus tip, if your affiliate offer shows a video (most do), make the tab image a video thumbnail with a play button and name your page tab ‘Watch this Video’.

Every once in awhile, your ad still won’t get approved. (I had this happen to me when I opened a new account) Luckily, there is still another workaround. You just need to use the Facebook copy that you were going to use for your ad for a new Facebook post/status on your Facebook fan page. Then, run the ad as a ‘sponsored story’. Just remember to link to your Facebook page tab in your status.

(you can actually link to it, then delete it, and the link will appear under your ad copy)…

Here is an example of what your Facebook post would look like if you needed to use it as a sponsored story:

Sponsored Story Ad

Notice the “Your email gets you access to the formula” inside of my sales copy? This is a great way to increase your clicks to leads. The people that click on your offer are anticipating a lead capture and are more prone to give up their email. This works better for CPC than CPM.

Use a High-Converting Affiliate Offer & Go After ‘Industry Leaders’

Finding an affiliate offer that converts shouldn’t be too hard. Look at ads that have been running for consecutive months. You can also join networks such as Clickbank or Peerfly and message your affiliate manager to discuss the best PPC offers.

This affiliate marketing offer ($25 to join) was the affiliate offer that yielded me over $2600 in payouts in 3 weeks. The landing page is nothing special, but it converts. And the video that ensues converts exceptionally well.

Regardless, find an affiliate product that you know already works. I like to stick to the Internet Marketing arena.

Then, set up a PPC ad using the page tab I discussed earlier. Configure it to link to your affiliate marketing offer (lead capture pages work best), through a redirect of one of your personal domains. If you use WordPress to host your personal sites, use the plugin ‘Redirection’ to manage your 301 redirects. Very simple. I have several domains that I use to redirect to my affiliate websites, because many platforms (like Facebook, Google) aren’t a fan of pages that end with ‘?=youraffiliateid’.

Next, when choosing your marketing demographics, go after different internet marketing leaders (such as Mike Dillard or Tony Robbins) in your target audiences. I used Tim Ferriss, and it converted like crazy, but his followers get hit up a lot for that kind of stuff.

After this, create a Facebook PPC copy linking to your iframe app, with the industry guru picture in the ad.

It is better to not put the name of the industry leader in your ad copy, as you are risking to get your ad deleted (and potentially your account).

Instead, opt for something like this: “Quit Your Job in 90 days & Make Money Online. Click below & Enter Your Email To Get Started.”

Or, “‘Leaked’ Automated Online Business…Watch the video below to get started…”.

That’s it.

Then test, test, test. And tweak.

These techniques will work for other (if not, most) affiliate marketing offers. Keep in mind that most people don’t know how to get these type of ads approved, so capitalize on these methods.

Finally, keep your expectations realistic. I tested 3-4 other niches before stumbling on something that worked.

Keep testing, and your time will come. Best of luck.

***Bonus Tips:

  • Use Fiverr to cop $50 FB vouchers. Just search ‘Facebook coupons’. Valid only one per account.
  • You can create multiple accounts with different payment methods (Paypal, CC, debit). Just remember to clear your cache in between accounts and use a different IP address.

Did I miss anything? Any other Facebook PPC ‘loopholes’ that I missed? I would be delighted to learn a few other gems. Chime in the comments below.

Jeremy Page is an internet entrepreneur. He currently lives in El Tunco, El Salvador.

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