The Google Instant Previews isn’t a new feature but the latest release allows a mouse-over feature that allows you to see what the webpage is before you visit the page.  It’s the same with your PPC ads, now customers can preview the ads without clicking on them.  This is huge feature considering the last release you had to click on a little magnifying glass icon to be able to see the preview.

Why is this so important?

Now people don’t even have to think, they’ll hover over it not even thinking and see your page.  If your page is good enough to capture attention, you will be able to get the person to click on your PPC ads more then ever before.  Even if the person moves their mouse somewhere on the page, there is a high probability that your page will open up.  Especially if you own 2 of the top 5 spots.  In other words if you have your site organically listed and Google PPC listed.

How can this help my PPC efforts?

The new Google Instant Previews will show only for the top 2-3 ads that Google displays at the top of a search query, but not from ads down the right-hand side.  So you need to be bidding to be in the top 3 spots for this to really affect you.  If you are in the top 3 spots you need to optimize your page and make sure that what objective you’re trying to accomplish can be seen easily and recognized in 2 seconds.

What should I do to Optimize Google Instant Previews?

The best way to optimize Google Instant Previews would be to capture a persons attention in 1/100 of a second or less.  You don’t even have 1 second to capture your viewers attention anymore.  You need to have a landing page that is optimized to attract their attention in less than 1 second.  Have text on the page that their brain processes without reading it.  Words like “free, discount, money, $, etc” are all words that you don’t even have to read but your mind associates good things with.  If you are in a specific niche you need to identify words that people don’t have to read but glance at and they understand and are attracted too without even reading it.  This is getting more into the psychology of human people but can very well help you to convert these people into paying customers!

Check out the video to see how Google Instant Previews work, there is no audio to this video so you’ll have to just watch it:

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