Sometimes it’s hard to think about the internet from the perspective of the average non-marketing person. When we look different companies PPC results, the first thing we look at are the ads because we are curious what people are paying for and who is advertising for what.

If you were to tell the average internet surfer that these were paid results and advertisers paying on a per click basis and bidding on your actual keywords, this would blow their mind!

Even as online marketers we have an idea how Google Adwords works, but most of us probably don’t know the full and actual process and complexity behind the system.

In the infographic below created by PulpMedia, you will see a complex breakdown of what actually happens the moment someone visits Google, puts in a search term and then goes through the ad serving process.

In addition to walking you through the process of how Google Adwords works, the infographic also provides some useful information and tips like the top three tactics we listed below.

The Top Three Tactics for Optimizing a Google Adwords Account

  1. Create Highly Targeted Ads
    There should always be at least two ad variations per ad group. You need to keep testing different ad copy to improve your results. Keep the maximum number of keywords per ad group somewhere around five.
  2. A/B Split Testing of Ad Copy
    Split testing is important because you never know what will work and what work. Rely on your actual statistics and not your gut feeling.
  3. Clever Bidding Strategies
    When starting a new ad account, knowing when to pause your keywords and text ads is very important, along with how you will be raising your max cpc costs.

How Does Google Adwords Work?

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