Ever since the birth of the digital age, the internet has become somewhat of a hidden marketplace with endless opportunities for creating revenue and collecting income. Often times, this income is an excellent supplement to an existing money flow. However, on rare occasions, economic opportunists on the internet can become so successful that the revenue produced can become the primary flow of money into a person’s personal economy. There are several situations where this can occur, but websites dedicated to the distribution of coupons are becoming increasingly successful. Coupon sites are very simple in comparison to other methods of developing a profit on the internet; that is why they are becoming so popular. With the right information, internet business people and would-be internet business people alike can take advantage of the growing trend and pull themselves out of the world’s current economic hardships. This article will answer the questions that many people have about coupon sites and the economic opportunities available.

How Do Coupon Sites Make Money?

There are two primary ways that coupon sites make money: advertising and affiliate partnerships. Whether it’s through the use of partnering with programs like Google Adsense or affiliate network, at the end of the day it comes down to making money on a per click basis. Figuring out what placements and areas perform best on your site is what matters. Obviously if you can promote an affiliate offer that backs out to a higher cost per click, you will take this method over earning a few pennies with Google Adsense.


Advertising on the internet has become extremely popular in recent years. Advertising for revenue production is used on a huge number of internet websites. This ranges from the personal websites of average people that may have moderate traffic to the blogs of very popular celebrities, journalists, or politicians that receive overwhelming large numbers of visitors. Coupon sites also take advantage of this increasingly popular method of pay-per-click advertising (Be sure to link the website with Google AdSense, Amazon, and/or similar programs that provide monetary incentives for advertising).

In order to develop revenue from advertising, the coupon website must develop a steady flow of visitors. There are a number of ways to do this, but a proven method is to gain the support of local businesses and expand outward. In order to do this, begin by creating a site that looks professional and reputable. Once a clean, professional website is produced, create a sales pitch that explains the objective of the coupon website and why it is beneficial to both participating businesses and consumers. Next, present the sales pitch to local businesses. The business will simply say yes or no, so there is no harm in asking for a partnership. If the business says yes, they will direct consumers to your website for special deals and offers. The same concept is used when climbing the ladder to the larger market beyond local businesses. These partnerships will increase the flow of traffic to the website, thus increasing the advertising’s success, which will result in more revenue for the coupon website owner. Partnerships with these businesses also present another opportunity for revenue.

Affiliate Partnerships

When combined with pay-per-click advertising systems, affiliate partnerships can turn out an extremely high rate of revenue production. An affiliate partnership’s revenue production rate will be different depending on the affiliate, but the process is usually very consistent. Once the coupon site partners with an affiliate business, the affiliate business will send the coupon website deals and offers that are linked to products that are currently being promoted. The website distributes the coupon via the website and any social media links that are available (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.) and hopefully consumers will take advantage of the coupon to buy the product. If the consumer does use the coupon to buy the promoted product, the coupon website will receive a commission from the sale. The actual percentage will depend on the agreement between the website and business, but the commission is usually somewhere between 10% and 30%. Affiliate partners may also provide their own advertising which they will pay the coupon website for the number of visits to specific advertisements.

Maintain Website Traffic

As it is with any business venture on the internet, high traffic is directly related to a steady flow of income (more traffic equals more revenue). In order to ensure the success of the coupon distributing website as an economic venture, the site must be updated regularly with the best, hottest deals in order to maintain the existing flow of visitors and to provide new visitors with a reason to stay. It is necessary to maintain close relations with partners so that success as a business is mutual.

Coupon websites provide endless opportunities for economic success if done correctly.

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