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When web developers design and develop a website, they mainly design it for the large screen devices and lose insight on how it will look when a user browses the same website from their mobile device. Actually, when the user clicks links within the website via their mobile phones, navigating and reading become more difficult. Solving these problems is the biggest challenge for the web designers.

Have you ever been frustrated by any mobile app’s poor performance and switched to any other app? It is because of the poor user experience. User interface design is more than just looks. A great UI can make apps straightforward as well as reduce confusions and user’s disappointment.

What are User Experience?

‘User Experience’ is a term used to describe the overall experience and satisfaction a user while using any service or product. And User Experience Design (UXD) is the process of enhancing the user experience by improving the accessibility, usability and interaction. If you want to learn various aspects of users experience design, we suggest you to visit

So, here the post will help you by providing six tactics through which you can improve User Experiences (UX) of your mobile apps.

Stop using lengthy tours of features

A small hint for you – if you are planning to launch an app for touchscreen devices, make sure it is simple to use. If the app has hundreds of features and need a lengthy tour to get the users accustomed to all its features and functions, then it means you have included too many features in it. Rather than adding all the features in a single release, you can do it at multiple levels.

Review your user requests

You may at time feel tempted to make new releases when you are on a tight time line without trying to connect with the end users. What really happens is – the app development team receives the review data from the support team and they analyze it and then roll out new updates based on that data without even interacting with the end users. This can have disastrous consequence for the future growth of the app or the website for that matter.

You’ll come to know which features your users want and what their frustration points are from the review data. Right? Hold on for a second. Have you ever got your head around the fact that almost 99% of the users never really talk with the support team? Just think about it. If you are going to roll out updates based on the feedbacks of those remaining 1% users, you are basically ignoring the feedbacks of the silent majority. You cannot improve the app performance by focusing on the elite 1% and ignoring the 99%.

Even though you know what your users expect from you, you should still talk to them about the same.

Use the screen technology

Naturally, when people are spending a lot on mobile phones, they always want something unique and better. Enhancing the User Experience can be the way to match people’s expectations for what they paid you.

Stop delivering too much long set up wizards

This is the biggest problem that most of the users face. Some of the apps require too much set up wizards before end users can use those apps, which is definitely annoy for the new users. As a result some of those users will quit the installation process and switch to any other relevant app.

Stop with the notifications

Numerous notifications can annoy any individuals. In every two to three seconds, some apps or another is reminding you something that you don’t know or not even want to know. So it is better to keep your notifications to minimum.

No emotional connection between your users and brand

The main aim of a good UX designer is to ensure that the end users are not having any difficulties while using the product. As a user experience designer, your job is to go extra mile to ensure that the end users are loving and appreciating the product. By winning their love and trust, you will be able to connect with your targeted audience on a personal level.

Those users who feel emotionally connected to your brand will be happy to ignore the issues that they might come across while using your website or product. This will definitely have a position impact as far the conversion rate of your website is concerned.

Try to Brand YOURSELF

It sounds simple but actually not. Just know if you don’t take steps to brand yourself then your users will define your brand based on your interaction with them which may go very well or very bad. God knows…

Wrapping Up

By enhancing User Experiences (UX), you are on the right track on saving money in the long run. A good UX design is going to contribute positively to your business bottom-line. So have A Great Future!

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