Since the time that Facebook first released Facebook Flyers, Facebook Ads became one of the biggest online advertising platforms. Each year, Facebook Ads become more expensive due to an increase in the number of businesses that use the tool to upgrade their strategies and sell their brands. Inevitably, the importance of maximizing the ads for a favorable click through, and conversion rate has expanded.

For marketers, there are two ways to face the rising advertisement costs. First, to transfer your campaigns from Facebook to a different platform, with the hopes that the conversion rate is steady. Because of Facebook’s full range population and visible targeting choices, this approach is not used often.

The second one is to increase your Facebook Ads for a higher click-through-rate, is by letting users generate more traffic from the number of impressions at a lower cost per click.

Here are some ways that could come in handy to boost Facebook Ads  Click-Through-Rate:

Have the right target audience for your Ad

If you are doing business using Facebook Ads, then focusing on the targeted audience is the most important step of all. To accurately know the right target audience, it should start from:

Location. Carefully select the location that you are focusing on for your ad. If your focus is Brooklyn, New York, then you don’t need to target the New York City.

Age Bracket and Gender. It is basic to properly think over the age bracket and gender that your product would fit. Since your target audience will be the to one use the product.
Little Details. It is easier to select any appropriate details that you are targeting with the help of Facebook’s precise targeting options. You can freely filter those that you need, and hide the others that you think are unnecessary to your Ad.


View and Design. Facebook has numerous choices on how your page and ad will be displayed. You can carefully choose from different options and choose the one that fits perfectly with the concept of your ad. Always consider the spacing.

Carefully choose the things that you incorporate with your Ad.

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The Placing of Objects. Always play around with the resources that you use for your ads. You can change and mix different components, or maybe add something that is connected this is to make sure that your viewers don’t see the same image every time.

Use of Color. Carefully choose the color that you use. Always keep in mind that the color should not overpower the object, pick a color that will make your product pop up.

Images. We are in the digital era, and millennials are dominating Facebook. One way to increase your Facebook Ads CTR wisely choose images, carefully choose images that can easily attract attention.

Play with words. Excellent content with a boring headline is the last thing that you want to have. Always make sure that your headlines and other texts are appealing and intriguing at the same time. Make your readers want to dig more about the topic by clicking the ads.

Make your ads be everywhere

What’s good about Facebook ads is that they appear anywhere in user’s news feed which makes them stand out compared to the ads that are placed in the sidebar.

Most advertisers, uses a low quality photo that can easily be searched in Google to catch attention from users but usually, fails. One way to increase Click Through-Rate is to stop using generic pictures and use those that looks natural.

Use A/B Test on everything listed above

It is not the headlines or content that is important in any Facebook Ads, but it is the image. Split Testing or A/B test is the last part of improving your CTR and conversion rate. You need to regularly monitor the ads’ performance and statistics to maximize and improve the CTR.

As the primary rule, you must split test everything. To track where to improve or where is lacking, you can test everything starting from the audience, ad copy and thead offers.

Always monitor the performance from your targeted audience. You can also test at least five images and five texts to see which of them is the best option to use. Though the process is correct and everything’s going well, sometimes there will be curves like not hitting the desired clicks.


Facebook Ads CTR is one of the most current performance metrics. The higher the CTR, the better the ad is grabbing the public’s attention, which means better sales for the product.
The steps mentioned above to help boost Facebook Ads CTR, are just guidelines that might help you in the performance of your ads.


Iman Bahrani is an Search Engine Optimization Sydney. During his free time, he writes and shares his ideas about SEO and Digital Marketing to different websites.

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