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Every now and then, it is healthy to create an article that highlights a few pay per click advertising tips that advertisers will find Here are a Few Useful PPC Tipsuseful. One thing I have learnt from using PPC as a form of online advertising is that it is so customizable. The level of customizing an advertiser can do, to some extent, never stops for their campaign. For this reason, a campaign can be constantly improved to produce better statistics so the campaign reaches its full potential. Here are some useful tips advertisers of PPC will find useful.



Tip 1: Don’t Settle With Your Keywords

Depending on what you are trying to advertise depends if you should keep your keywords the same or not. For most campaigns, advertisers feel that once they have selected their keywords, that is it for keyword selection. The problem with this, though, is that as your campaign gets older, the habits and interests of your target market might slightly change. Therefore, the keywords that you first thought were effective at the birth of your campaign might not be performing as well now. Therefore, always try to update your keywords by changing one or two every so often so that your campaign stays updated with the changing times.



Tip 2: Use PPC Ad Extensions

If you have a campaign running search adverts, it is a necessity to their performance that you use at least one ad extension in your advert. Ad extensions are a great way to supply more relevant information to the web user which will in turn increase the chances that they click onto it. No matter what you are trying to sell, there is an ad extension for you out there to use in AdWords.



Tip 3: Change One Variable at a Time

With all these optimisation tips that you can find on the internet like on PPC.org, it is one thing knowing these optimisation tips and it is another thing implementing these tips into PPC. This is because there are a few things you need to know when it comes to changing your PPC campaign based on information from the internet:

  • Because of the wide diversity of campaigns out there, not every optimisation tip and technique will work for every campaign out there. Therefore, don’t just change the variable and presume it will benefit your campaign.
  • If you are going to implement a optimisation technique or tip into your campaign, make sure you change no other variables for at least 1-2 weeks. This is because if you change any other part of your campaign, you won’t be able to tell if the performance has increased/decreased because of the optimisation tip/technique or the part of your campaign you changed.

For these reasons, I tend to experiment with a separate campaign on implementing optimisation tips and techniques while running an identical campaign alongside it without experimenting on. Although this may work out more expensive, at least I am guaranteed results from one campaign out of the two.

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