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Content marketing relies, to a great degree, on technology. As such, it develops and progresses very quickly. Search Engine Optimization, mobile search, and video marketing, all of these factors have been advancing and changing content marketing for the past years. And you are either falling behind or keeping up.

The content distribution strategies today demands or asks you to experiment with a few arising channels. These emerging channels will set up tons of opportunities for content marketers in optimizing their content.

If you want to succeed in content marketing, you should be able to learn from the past and hastily embrace the present. So, let us look closely at the three technology trends that every content marketers should adopt to empower and diversify your content marketing.

Google Speakable

Today, it is not all about clicks or links anymore. Well,  that should not come as a revelation right? Snapchat and Instagram, for example, do not authorize clickable links. However, many businesses still fall behind.

In case you don’t know, these days there are further ways to discover or search your content rather than entering words into the search box. With the growing fame of intelligent speaker devices and voice search, most of your content can be, believe it or not, found through audio and voice devices.

One of the first but still exploratory tools allowing content marketers to distribute and convey their content to their target audience through voice search is Google’s Speakable. This innovative project aims to have Google Home devices and Google Assistant to deliver the content when the users need it.

For example, ask your Google Assistant about the weather. The device then replies with a portion of a content, including the publisher’s name. Google Assistant will send you a link to the associated mobile device.

With this state-of-the-art feature, the publishing website gets to have double publicity. First, the tool announces the source website. Then, the consumers get a link on their mobile device.

How to Adopt the Trend?

Optimizing your content for voice search is like optimizing your content for featured snippets. As such, it’s essential to have a concise, direct to the point answers that users can read concerning their query. Take advantage of clustering tools to help you in creating compact, yet meaningful content.

Progressive Web Applications

Progressive web applications or PWAs are website apps that load like regular websites or web pages but can provide the user functionality. It’s like your site acting like a regular application on a mobile device. As per Google, PWAs are an advanced yet unusual way of delivering superb user experiences on the website.

There are several benefits of distributing your content to users through PWAs, including:

  • The capacity to engage with your users through push notifications.
  • The capacity to deliver your content speedily, offering a reliable and better mobile experience.
  • Allows users to read your content in an offline mode.
  • Enables users to access your website by viewing it on the home screen.

Progressive web apps achieve all of that without you investing money into an application that can function alone. That is what makes PWAs a premium content distribution channel today.

How to Adopt the Trend?

To be able to adopt the trend, take advantage of website designs that authorizes PWAs. For instance, Duda, a site builder that enables publishers to set up Progressive Web Apps on their websites. All you have to do is to go to the settings in the dashboard, specify the website’s PWA name, splash screen color, icon, and short name.

Conversational Marketing

This content distribution tech trend is nothing new. In a study by Twilio about two years ago, 90 percent of users desired to use messaging to interact with businesses. Though conversational marketing has been used for customer support and lead generation, it can also be useful for content distribution.

Conversational marketing utilizes messaging chatbots to convey content and information to consumers depending on what they ask. Conversational marketing is non-disruptive, highly-personalized, and instant.

How to Adopt the Trend?

Conversational marketing is scalable, even though it uses real-time messaging. There are several ways you can add conversational marketing to your strategy. One example is the tool MobileMonkey.

It enables content marketers to build Facebook messenger chatbots to interact with your users in real-time and offer solutions for what they ask. You can also set the chatbot to deliver content that corresponds to the user intent by activating the “broad-match”  mode.


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Technology presents tests and trials for content marketers who are trying to keep up. Fortunately, there are plugins and tools that you can take advantage of to adopt the latest trends efficiently and quickly.

Content marketing can revolutionize itself by depending on high-quality content, supported by the emerging technologies. Still confused? You can always tap any SEO agencies like KKC Outsourcing to help you out.  


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