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If you look at a PPC campaign from afar, hopefully, you will realise that a campaign is a very complex system which has many Here's How to Improve Your PPC Text Advertdifferent elements that need to all work together to gain success. For example, the first step is to make sure the right sort of people see your advert so that they have a genuine interest in your campaign. Then, you need to make sure your advert convinces them to clicking on your landing page. After that, it’s the landing page’s job to bring in the conversion you desire.

This makes clear that there are really three main areas to a PPC campaign. The way you target your audience, the way you get them onto your landing page and the way you gain the conversion. In this article, I will be looking at step 2) – the way you get them onto your landing page through the means of a text advert. Here are some ways you can improve your text advert fast and easy.



Entice the Web User

The whole objective of the text advert is to provide information to the web user that will make them interested in the contents of the landing page. However, you have to give them ‘a taste’ only since in order for them to find out more information, you need to make it clear that they need to click onto the landing page.

For this reason, it is advisable to make only two to three points about what you are trying to advertise. More than three and your crowding your advert. Less than two and your not giving the web user a big enough incentive to go onto the landing page.

As well as this, it is strongly recommended to include a call to action somewhere in your PPC text advert: preferably at the end of the description. I say ‘strongly recommended’ because if you don’t request an action for the web user to do, how are they going to get onto your landing page? They will have to click on your advert so make sure you ask them through ways such as ‘Find out more’ or ‘Buy one now’.



Keywords Are Key

The best adverts are the ones that relate to what the web user searched for the most. Although this is down to the keyword selection within the campaign which chooses just exactly who sees the advert, it is also down to the keyword density of your adverts too.

Therefore, try to include at least two to three keywords in your advert (four being the maximum as too many and it will seem too keyword packed). If you do this, you will be making your advert seem even more related to the search phrase from the web user, resulting in more chance of a click and conversion.

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