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For most advertisers, the battle will have already finished with them taking the side of Google and their pay per click programs Adsense and Adwords for creating ad campaigns and displaying adverts to make money from. My last article on the topic of BSA vs PPC ” created many talking points since that the article was even published on BuySellAds blog themselves! However, if you have a look at the date I created the article, it was back in September 2012. That is nearly five months ago and as we all know, alot can change in five months on the internet. Therefore, I think it is wise to make an update to this question. Five months on, has BuySellAds improved enough to match PPC?



My first reaction is yes. In the last five months, BuySellAds have updated their complete user interface to make it easier for advertisers and publishers alike to buy and sell adverts. This is great start for BuySellAds. They have recognised that, unlike PPC, the way websites are displayed on their website will actually affect whether it will sell adverts or not. A website that has quicker loading times and easy-to-guide-around is a website with a lower bounce rate. This means the advertisers are less likely to ‘bounce’ away from website marketplace listings increasing the chances (by not much but its still an increase!) of gaining a sale.


BuySellAds New User Interface


What About PPC?

Pay per click advertising has grown at staggering rates since September 2012. The main update from Google has got to be it’s algorithm update Penguin which interestingly made it more difficult for advertisers to succeed with SEO making them resort back to good old pay per click advertising. Looking at Adwords and Adsense’s user interfaces – they have not changed at all because it could be argued that they did not need being changed. Both UIs are very fast to run, are able to run on a multitude of platforms (for example, I use my iPad most of the time to check up on my Adsense and Adwords account) and have a clean look to make it a breeze to move around.



Ultimately, BuySellAds have improved banner advertising massively since September 2012. The number of advertisers and publishers that are using BuySellAds is constantly increasing at a fast rate – it can be deemed one of the best ways to monetize a website and find great websites to advertise on. The only problem is that while BuySellAds has been busy, so has PPC. The improvements BuySellAds have done are amazing because I have not heard one advertise or publisher moan about them. However, for BuySellAds to beat and match PPC, they truly need to do something special that PPC cannot match them with. The aim of advertising from a publisher’s perspective program is to make it as easy as possible for the publisher to make money. The aim of advertising from an advertiser’s perspective program is to make it as easy as possible to gain traffic to a landing page through advertising. To become better than PPC, BuySellAds has to make it easier for both advertisers and publishers.

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