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Everyone wants to have more Twitter friends, but waiting around for people to stumble upon your Twitter and the slight chance that they may follow you will really get you no where. When it comes to building an aggressive Twitter account that has a lot of reach, one of the best solutions out there is a service called Twiends.

The concept behind Twiends is simple. As a Twitter user, you will earn credits when you follow other users you are interested in, and other users will gain credits when they follow you. For anyone who would like to increase the speed at which they gain followers, they can upgrade their account with “seeds” which are essentially credits, or they can become “featured” Twiends users and get featured for all site members to see.

The difference between Twiends and other “Twitter followers” services out there is that Twiends isn’t automated and controlling a ton of bots and sending you fake Twitter accounts.

In the screenshot below you will see what it looks like when you login to your Twiends account. If you click “Follow” on any of the users shown in the account area, you will then gain seeds, which are also shown on the right side of your page. Seeds are also used as credits to get more people to follow your Twitter account.

In addition to providing the Twiends follower service, they also have sorting and directory searching abilities. If you want to find some of the most popular Twitter users for a certain niche or keyword, you can do this through the search box on the top left of the page.

In the screenshot below you can see the top followers who are using Twiends in the “SEO” category.

No matter what niche you are in, and how big or small of an account you have on Twitter, Twiends can help you grow your account and exposure to new leaps and bounds. Be sure to sign up to their site for free also look through their advanced packages to increase the speed at which you can gain new followers.

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