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You are a website owner and you would like to find out which keywords are the most suitable to work with for your website, what will you decide to do? It’s natural that you will use any keyword research tool; however there can be a specialized tool more properly designed to perform these things, therefore the natural reaction would be to study and locate this tool.

High website traffic key terms, links to your website and other Search engine optimization components, are those factors that will offer you high search rankings in Google. On the other hand, these elements will deliver you the required site visitors that can also present you with a greater conversion rate.

Converting an online searcher into a targeted visitor and eventually into a satisfied buyer is the real objective of a website owner. However this cannot be accomplished if you do not have the ideal tools for marketing.

Google webmaster tools might be this ideal tool for your site. The following is what these resources can present you with.

  • It can provide you with a set of keywords and phrases that have the highest potential of generating targeted traffic for your site. There may be plenty of high targeted traffic key terms out there but those keywords will present you the best outcomes, you are looking for.
  • It will provide you information about your keyword position in search results and top search quarries for your targeted keywords.
  • You can see the crawler errors. This data is very helpful as you can know the reasons why your website is not getting the desired rankings. Once you find these errors, you can fix them to improve your reach engine rankings
  • By the help webmaster tool you can keep track of your link-building techniques. You can see which website is linking to you and how is it affecting your website traffic and search rankings.
  • Lastly, the best part about Google webmaster tool is that it is absolutely free. With all the Search engine optimization benefits that it can offer you, it is however totally free to take advantage of,

To begin, you have to set up a Google webmaster’s account first. If you have a Gmail already, you can use it or you have to create a new account to take advantage of webmaster tools. Once you set up your webmaster account, Google will ask you to verify your website. There are different methods of verification. You can choose one that is easy for you. Once your website is verified, Google will take sometimes to get all the details about your website then you will be able to see your website performance and if anything is wrong, you can fix it soon to improve your search rankings.

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