Google PPC versus Yahoo PPC

The majority of individuals simply consider Google to be leaning on having a simple user interface while Yahoo in contrast is one that presents built-in entertainment, Games, Jobs and weather reports, etc next to its searches. online Users and internet marketers need to realize that there are however other variations such as its visual aspect where an online marketing professional may note the variation in advertising crowd, CTR (click-through rates), conversion rates and even convenience in its functioning.

With Google, most professional realize that its PPC program is basically  a superb and pre-designed platform for advertising campaign – as Google is the biggest and most widely used search engine present on the face of earth today. If you are a marketer, you may come across that with Google you can have the choice of showing advertisements on 1000s of its affiliate websites.

Google’s has a revenue sharing program called AdSense by which all these sites are linked with Google. So, if you use Google for your PPC advertising campaign, you ads will also appear on websites that are affiliated with Google depending on the relevancy of your ads with the content of website. In this way, you will reach a wide range of audience in no time.

With Google Adwords, marketers can also be guaranteed of numerous features that are beneficial for marketers which may include things like advanced keyword matching solutions, campaign setup and Geo-targeting option. Etc.

Now with Yahoo, it may however provide excellent resource for advertises, small companies and online marketing professionals even if the point remains to be seen in the figures indicating that Yahoo in fact lost its market share compared to Google. Yahoo obviously still features highly deemed market share and is an affordable advertising option for small business owners with limit advertising budget.

Yahoo on the other hand has a best customer service department with an extremely supportive phone staff and experienced workforce.

If you consider the point that Yahoo offers a supportive atmosphere, a huge number of partner websites to publicize on and even easily accessible search marketing coupons, it would definitely be your far better advertising option.

As there are hundreds of Pay-per-click adverting  networks out there, it should be your responsibility to make sure which network works best for you  and fulfill your business needs. A wise decision and careful planning is a key to success in PPC advertising world.

John Rampton is a PPC Entrepreneur, Author, Founder at Due a finance company helping small business owners. Follow me on Twitter @johnrampton

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