It is true. Google are the king of online advertising from them having market leading programs such as Adsense and Adwords. Both are universal no matter what country you are in and are based around the millions of users that use them. In fact, Adwords is Google’s biggest earner bringing in 95% of all of Google’s revenue. Now, looking at a multi-national company that has a laptop OS (Chrome book), mobile and tablet OS (Android) and more, you would have not ever suggested that Adwords dominates that much of Google’s revenue. I hope this shows how dominant Google are in online advertising. When you think of Publisher PPC, you think of Adsense. When you think of Advertiser PPC, you think of Adwords. They are the first choice programs for online advertising.


In a previous post about ‘The History of Advertising‘, it states how Google created Adwords back over a decade ago in 2000. This can be considered one of the main reasons Google have become so successful and the king of online advertising. They reached this ‘niche’ market before any other company had even thought about it. Since 2000, you could suggest that every online advertising company has been on the back foot of Adwords. When other online advertising programs started, Adwords was fully running already with Adsense and millions of users. It was and still is impossible to play catch up to Google.


You might be wondering now that Google have only made Adwords successful from starting so early on back in 2000. However, it makes two to become successful in PPC. You need to have entered early and actually have a good PPC program for people to use. This is where Google have hit the spot. They have made Adwords and Adsense accessible to near about every main country and have created a beautiful clear user interface to make PPC that much easier to use. If you take an example such as Ad Dynamo, you can really see how Google excel. It seems that Google created the ‘benchmark’ for PPC and ever since they did in 2000, other companies have been trying to constantly copy them and out do them.


I feel though that Google are king of advertising for the reason most that they have the largest amount of advertisers and publishers out of all their competition. Million and million of people use Google to monetise their website while millions and millions of people use Adwords to gain traffic to their landing pages. You may have the best PPC program out there (possibly even better than Adsense and Adwords!). However, if you don’t have the audience to display this amazing PPC program to, you won’t get as many results as other PPC programs with higher brand awareness. Since Google started at the start, they have always been the leader too in gaining the most amount of brand awareness for their products. This is unfair in the eyes of their competition as it will become extremely difficult to enter a market with domination such as Google.


I do feel though that Google Adwords and Adsense make the PPC market quite unhealthy and it almost stops the evolution of the market too. For example, years ago when Microsoft started out, there were two ways you can build a computer. One way was very inefficient and could easily be improved. However, Microsoft chose this option and they still use this structure to a laptop even for today. The other option freed up more room and was more efficient – Apple chose this route. The problem was that because Microsoft was so big years ago with computers, every manufacturer followed their option of building a laptop when in fact, it was not the best way to build a computer. The same can be applied for Google and PPC. Are they running PPC more inefficiently they should? We will never know because there will not be a company that can compete next to Google in PPC. They are the king of online advertising.

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