So, there is almost no getting away from the fact that Google is having a bigger hand on us, I mean on all online marketers. It is smart at analyzing users behaviors, haunting down almost all kind of link building scams, smashing all types of tricky things like stuffing keywords, adding long image alt tags and even adding keywords forcefully in the meta data section to pump up the rankings. And if this is not enough for us, it has the Google PR toolbar to steal data (probably the only reason why they have not scrapped PR still). However, PR bar is not alone, we are using Chrome, android OS and do not forget the Google Analytics code. So, there are zillions of ways Google is gathering and analyzing monstrous data and as the company claims, it is for the benefits of the end users. So, when Google is doing it all, what is the purpose of employing an SEO company? Valid question though it is, I have some thoughts regarding this that may help you see the other side.

Google Is Smart But We Are Not Dumb Either

Sorry for the strong line. But I am tired of being tagged as spammer, trickster. If you happen to read Google SEO Starter Guide, which is still available for download, you can see that Google is urging webmasters to do their best to come up with strong and useful Meta data and title for individual pages of their websites so that Google can serve the best result. But in a video, posted few weeks ago , Matt Cutts says they are going to reduce the importance of Meta description and the reason – some webmasters are doing sneaky things, that all. This completely goes against the guidelines previously dictated by Google. So, if you want to play with Google, you need to make sure that your websites is not entirely dependent on search engines. Make sure people are coming to your website directly or by searching some terms related to brands. The bigger the brand presence, the better for your website. Do not let Google pull the rug from your feet all of a sudden.

Have a Strong Social Presence

Google is not the one and only way to drive traffic to your website. There is facebook, twitter and other social media websites that can help you immensely get some real traffic to your website. So, rather than doing the same link building things or wasting money on a half baked AdWords campaign, you need to spend some time in these social media websites. But the bottom-line of visitors’ engagement in any social media website is that you need to produce really engaging content people love to share. Producing fluffy content is not going to help you. Create great infographics and spread that thing via social media websites and see how traffic from social websites outranks search engine visitors.

Think About User

Let Google be smart, we marketers got nothing to do with that. For a second or two forget everything about SEO, I know how hard it is. What you see, yes, it is the visitors that keep your websites running, I mean visitors keep you inspired and help you keep the boll rolling. So, you should put all your focus on making your website users friendly rather than making it search engine friendly alone. If people starts loving your website, search engines will have no other options but to love your sites and give it proper position in SERP. Make the navigation simple, have a pleasing design, create compelling content, add some startling images and above all respect the feedbacks of the users and you will have a better world to live.

So, lets sum up. Search world as we know it, is gonna change but do not fear. Search engine optimization is doomed to die but website optimization is here, and mark my word, it is here to say.

This guest post was written by Michael Evans, a passionate writer and has been writing for Site2You which is the best professional website builder. He has written different article on web design, online marketing and SEO. He is equally enthusiastic about latest gadgets.

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